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Research article
Association of Anxiety-Related Polymorphisms with Sports Performance in Chilean Long Distance Triathletes: A Pilot Study
Jorge A. Sanhueza1,2, Tomás Zambrano1, Carlos Bahamondes-Avila2, Luis A. Salazar1,3,

1 Center of Molecular Biology & Pharmacogenetics, Scientific and Technological Bioresource Nucleus (BIOREN), Universidad de La Frontera, Temuco, Chile
2 Medicine School, Universidad Mayor, Temuco, Chile
3 Millennium Institute for Research in Depression and Personality (MIDAP), Universidad de La Frontera, Temuco, Chile

Luis A. Salazar
✉ Centro de Biología Molecular & Farmacogenética, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de La Frontera, Av. Francisco Salazar 01145, Casilla 54-D, Temuco 4811230, Chile.

10-06-2016 -- Accepted: 03-08-2016 --
Published (online): 01-12-2016


Different factors affecting athletic performance are well established: intensity and type of training, anthropometric characteristics as well as an important psychological component. However, the contribution of the genetic background has been less investigated. The aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of polymorphisms within genes associated with stress and anxiety (5HTT, CRH2R, ACE, NK1R, 5HT1AR and CRF-BP) on the physical capability and sports performance in triathletes. One hundred and ninety two (192) unrelated Chilean triathletes who participated in the 2014 70.3 Pucón city triathlon were divided into opposite subgroups of sports performance according to their time results. We identified significant associations for five polymorphisms (5HTT 5-HTTLPR, ACE I/D, NK1R rs6715729, 5HT1AR -1019C>G and CRF-BP CRF-BPs11) with athletic performance. Our results indicate that these polymorphisms are associated with differential sports performance in Chilean triathletes, establishing an initial background for better understanding the relationship between physical performance, genetics and anxiety disorders.

Key words: Sports performance, polymorphisms, genetics, anxiety disorders
Key Points
Genetic factors influencing sports performance in the Chilean population are unknown.
Differential outcomes from athletes who completed a triathlon competition were associated with five polymorphisms ( 5-HTTLPR, I/D, rs6715729, -1019C>G and CRF-BPs11).
We show that genetic variants within stress- and anxiety-related genes affect athletic performance.



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