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September 2005 - Volume 04, Issue 3
Table of Contents.
Research article
215 - 222
Changes in Pain Perception in Women During and Following an Exhaustive Incremental Cycling Exercise
Daniel G. Drury, Katelyn Greenwood, Kristin J. Stuempfle, Kelli F. Koltyn

Research article
223 - 228
Personality Does not Influence Exercise-Induced Mood Enhancement Among Female Exercisers
Andrew M. Lane, Karen E. Milton, Peter C. Terry

Research article
229 - 238
An Innovative Ski-Boot: Design, Numerical Simulations and Testing
Stefano Corazza, Claudio Cobelli

Research article
239 - 247
Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue Following Moderate-Intensity Exercise in the Heat
James S. Williams, Kendra A. O’Keefe, Lee T. Ferris

Research article
248 - 252
Doping and Performance Enhancing Drug Use in Athletes Living in Sivas, Mid-Anatolia: A Brief Report
Levent Özdemir, Naim Nur, Ihsan Bagcivan, Okay Bulut, Haldun Sümer, Gündüz Tezeren

Research article
253 - 262
Nutrient Intakes of Men and Women Collegiate Athletes with Disordered Eating
Pamela S. Hinton, Niels C. Beck

Research article
263 - 271
Effects of Functional Electric Stimulation Cycle Ergometry Training on Lower Limb Musculature in Acute Sci Individuals
Timothy J. Demchak, Jon K. Linderman, W. Jerry Mysiw, Rebecca Jackson, Jihong Suun, Steven T. Devor

Research article
272 - 277
Adolescent Athletes and the Demand and Supply of Drugs to Improve Their Performance
Patrick Laure, Caroline Binsinger

Research article
278 - 284
Reproducibility of Outdoor Flat and Uphill Cycling Time Trials and Their Performance Correlates with Peak Power Output in Moderately Trained Cyclists
Frankie H. Y. Tan, Abdul Rashid Aziz

Research article
285 - 290
The Effects of Rest Interval on Quadriceps Torque During an Isokinetic Testing Protocol in Elderly
Martim Bottaro, André Faria Russo, Ricardo Jacó de Oliveira

Research article
291 - 299
Effects of A School-Based Intervention on BMI and Motor Abilities in Childhood
Christine Graf, Benjamin Koch, Gisa Falkowski, Stefanie Jouck, Hildegard Christ, Kathrin Stauenmaier, Birna Bjarnason-Wehrens, Walter Tokarski, Sigrid Dordel, Hans-Georg Predel

Research article
300 - 313
Effect of Strength and Endurance Training on Cognition in Older People
Gül Y. Özkaya, Hülya Aydin, Füsun N. Toraman, Ferah Kizilay, Özgür Özdemir, Vedat Cetinkaya

Research article
314 - 322
The Prolonged Intake of L-Arginine-L-Aspartate Reduces Blood Lactate Accumulation and Oxygen Consumption During Submaximal Exercise
Martin Burtscher, Fritz Brunner, Martin Faulhaber, Barbara Hotter, Rudolf Likar

Case report
323 - 331
Evaluation of Unexplained Dyspnea in A Young Athletic Male with Pectus Excavatum
Gregory B. Tardie, David A. Dorsey, Bernhard H. Kaeferlein

Research article, Young investigator
332 - 341
An Investigation of A Reference Posture Used in Determining Rearfoot Kinematics for Both Healthy and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Individuals
Pazit Levinger, Wendy Gilleard

Research article, Young investigator
342 - 353
The Effect of Cycling Cadence on Subsequent 10km Running Performance in Well-Trained Triathletes
Garry Tew

Research article, Young investigator
354 - 360
Resistance Training Improves Sleep Quality in Older Adults a Pilot Study
Lee T. Ferris, James S. Williams, Chwan Li Shen, Kendra A. O'Keefe, Kimberly B. Hale

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