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March 2007 - Volume 06, Issue 1
Table of Contents.
Review article
1 - 20
Baseball Throwing Mechanics as They Relate to Pathology and Performance - A Review
Rod Whiteley

Research article
21 - 28
Placebo Effects in Competitive Sport: Qualitative Data
Christopher J. Beedie

Research article
29 - 35
Longitudinal Changes in The Spinal Kinematics of Oarswomen During Step Testing
Alison H. McGregor, Zeenat S. Patankar, Anthony M.J. Bull

Research article
36 - 43
When Does A Gait Transition Occur During Human Locomotion?
Alan Hreljac, Rodney T. Imamura, Rafael F. Escamilla, W. Brent Edwards

Research article
44 - 49
Effects of Whole-body Vibration Training on Sprint Running Kinematics and Explosive Strength Performance
Paradisis Giorgos, Zacharogiannis Elias

Research article
50 - 57
Eating Attitudes, Perfectionism and Body-esteem of Elite Male Judoists and Cyclists
Edith Filaire, Matthieu Rouveix, Christelle Pannafieux, Claude Ferrand

Research article
58 - 62
Underwater Stroke Kinematics During Breathing and Breath-holding Front Crawl Swimming
Nickos Vezos, Vassilios Gourgoulis, Nickos Aggeloussis, Panagiotis Kasimatis, Christos Christoforidis, Giorgos Mavromatis

Research article
63 - 70
Physical Demands of Different Positions in FA Premier League Soccer
Jonathan Bloomfield, Remco Polman, Peter O'Donoghue

Research article
71 - 76
MRI Findings Do not Correlate with Outcome in Athletes with Chronic Groin Pain
Adrien Daigeler, Orlin Belyaev, Werner H. Pennekamp, Stephan Morrosch, Odo Köster, Waldemar Uhl, Dirk Weyhe

Research article
77 - 84
The Effect of Gender and Fatigue on the Biomechanics of Bilateral Landings from a Jump: Peak Values
Evangelos Pappas, Ali Sheikhzadeh, Marshall Hagins, Margareta Nordin

Research article
85 - 92
Effects of Protein Supplementation on Muscular Performance and Resting Hormonal Changes in College Football Players
Jay R. Hoffman, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Jie Kang, Michael J. Falvo, Avery D. Faigenbaum

Research article
93 - 97
Strength Performance Assessment in a Simulated Men’s Gymnastics Still Rings Cross
Jennifer K. Dunlavy, William A. Sands, Jeni R. McNeal, Michael H. Stone, Sarah L. Smith, Monem Jemni, G. Gregory Haff

Research article
98 - 105
Absence of Gender Differences in the Fatigability of the Forearm Muscles During Intermittent Isometric Handgrip Exercise
Joaquin U. Gonzales, Barry W. Scheuermann

Research article
106 - 116
Assessment of the Quadriceps Femoris Muscle in Women after Injury Induced by Maximal Eccentric Isokinetic Exercise with Low Angular Speed
Fábio Viadanna Serráo, Paula Regina Mendes da Silva Serráo, Bernd Foerster, Alberto Tannús, Vanessa Monteiro Pedro, Tania F. Salvini

Research article
117 - 125
The Use of Neural Network Technology to Model Swimming Performance
António José Silva, Aldo Manuel Costa, Paulo Moura Oliveira, Victor Machado Reis, José Saavedra, Jurgen Perl, Abel Rouboa, Daniel Almeida Marinho

Research article
126 - 134
Number of Trials Necessary to Achieve Performance Stability of Selected Ground Reaction Force Variables During Landing
C. Roger James, Joseph A. Herman, Janet S. Dufek, Barry T. Bates

Research article
135 - 141
Electromyographic analysis on a windsurfing simulator
Philippe Campillo, Barbara Leszczynski, Cédric Marthe, Jean Michel Hespel

Research article, Young investigator
142 - 148
Determining Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Elementary School Children: Developing a Healthy Heart Score
Kate E. Reed, Darren E.R. Warburton, Heather A. McKay

Letter to editor
149 - 150
Effects of Maximal Squat Exercise Testing on Vertical Jump Performance in American College Football Players
Jay R. Hoffman, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Avery D. Faigenbaum, Gerald T. Mangine, Jie Kang

Book review
Domhnall MacAuley

Book review
Michael Kent

Book review
SPORT AND EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY TESTING Volume one: Sport Testing Volume two: Exercise and Clinical Testing
Edward M. Winter, Andrew M. Jones, R.C. Richard Davidson, Paul D. Bromley and Tom H Mercer

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