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December 2008 - Volume 07, Issue 4
Table of Contents.
Research article
425 - 430
Training-Level Induced Changes in Blood Parameters Response to On-Water Rowing Races
François Denis Desgorces, Marc Testa, Cyril Petibois

Research article
431 - 436
Relationships Between Muscle Fatigue Characteristics and Markers of Endurance Performance
Martyn G. Morris, Helen Dawes, Ken Howells, Oona M. Scott, Mary Cramp

Research article
437 - 445
Impact of diet, exercise end diet combined with exercise programs on plasma lipoprotein and adiponectin levels in obese girls
Omar Ben Ounis, Mohamed Elloumi, Mohamed Amri, Abdelkarim Zbidi, Zouhair Tabka, Gerard Lac

Research article
446 - 454
Psychophysiological responses in the pre-competition period in elite soccer players
Déborah Alix-Sy, Christine Le Scanff, Edith Filaire

Research article
455 - 460
Discrepancy between training, competition and laboratory measures of maximum heart rate in NCAA division 2 distance runners
Katherine Semin, Alvah C. Stahlnecker IV, Kate Heelan, Gregory A. Brown, Brandon S. Shaw, Ina Shaw

Research article
461 - 466
Validity of critical frequency test for measuring table tennis aerobic endurance through specific protocol
Alessandro M. Zagatto, Marcelo Papoti, Claudio A. Gobatto

Research article
467 - 474
Muscle Activation During Low-Intensity Muscle Contractions With Varying Levels of External Limb Compression
Tomohiro Yasuda, William F. Brechue, Taku Fujita, Yoshiaki Sato, Takashi Abe

Research article
475 - 479
Effects of the Menstrual Cycle on Expiratory Resistance During Whole Body Exercise in Females
Alethea J. Anderson, Mark A. Babcock

Research article
480 - 485
Position-Specific Deficit of Joint Position Sense in Ankles with Chronic Functional Instability
Shigeki Yokoyama, Nobuou Matsusaka, Kazuyoshi Gamada, Makoto Ozaki, Hiroyuki Shindo

Research article
486 - 491
Changes in Rowing Technique Over a Routine One Hour Low Intensity High Volume Training Session
Hugh A.M. Mackenzie, Anthony M.J. Bull, Alison H. McGregor

Research article
492 - 498
Effect of an On-Sight Lead on the Physiological and Psychological Responses to Rock Climbing
Nick Draper, Glenys A. Jones, Simon Fryer, Chris Hodgson, Gavin Blackwell

Research article
499 - 504
Anthropometric, Gait and Strength Characteristics of Kenyan Distance Runners
Pui W. Kong, Hendrik de Heer

Research article
505 - 511
Changes in EEG During Graded Exercise on a Recumbent Cycle Ergometer
Stephen P. Bailey, Eric E. Hall, Stephen E. Folger, Paul C. Miller

Research article
512 - 519
Pronounced Muscle Deoxygenation During Supramaximal Exercise Under Simulated Hypoxia in Sprint Athletes
Kazuo Oguri, Hajime Fujimoto, Hiroyuki Sugimori, Kei Miyamoto, Toshiki Tachi, Sachio Nagasaki, Yoshihiro Kato, Toshio Matsuoka

Research article
520 - 524
The Effect of Stimulus Anticipation on the Interpolated Twitch Technique
Duane C. Button, David G. Behm

Research article
525 - 531
Peak Fat Oxidation Rate During Walking in Sedentary Overweight Men and Women
Gregory C. Bogdanis, Anna Vangelakoudi, Maria Maridaki

Research article
532 - 536
Validation of a New Portable Metabolic System During an Incremental Running Test
Víctor Díaz, Pedro José Benito, Ana Belén Peinado, María Álvarez, Carlos Martín, Valter Di Salvo, Fabio Pigozzi, Nicola Maffulli, Fracisco Javier Calderón

Research article
537 - 543
Evaluation of Work Place Group and Internet Based Physical Activity Interventions on Psychological Variables Associated with Exercise Behavior Change
Kimberley A. Dawson, Jill Tracey, Tanya Berry

Research article
544 - 548
3D Reconstruction of Phalangeal and Metacarpal Bones of Male Judo Players and Sedentary Men by MDCT Images
Ibrahim Kalayci

Research article
549 - 555
Acute Effects of Pre-Event Lower Limb Massage on Explosive and High Speed Motor Capacities and Flexibility
Ramiz Arabaci

Case report
556 - 559
Stress Fracture of the Ulna in a Break-Dancer
Yu-Hsu Chen, Chun-Lin Kuo, Leou-Chyr Lin, Shyu-Jye Wang, Chian-Her Lee

Letter to editor
560 - 561
Hormonal Responses in Heavy Training and Recovery Periods in an Elite Male Weightlifter
Ching-Lin Wu, Wei Hung, Shin-Yuan Wang, Chen-Kang Chang

Letter to editor
562 - 564
Herbal Supplements: Cause for Concern?
Paolo Borrione, Luigi Di Luigi, Nicola Maffulli, Fabio Pigozzi

Letter to editor
565 - 565
The Best Athletes in Ancient Rome were Vegetarian!
Umile Giuseppe Longo, Filippo Spiezia, Nicola Maffulli, Vincenzo Denaro

Book review
Craig J. Della Vale; series editor: Bernard R. Bach, Jr

Book review
Mia Erickson, Rebecca McKnight and Ralph Utzman

Book review
NUTRITION AND FITNESS: CULTURAL, GENETIC AND METABOLIC ASPECTS Selected Proceedings of the International Congress and Exhibition on Nutrition, Fitness and Health, Shanghai, November 30 to December 2, 2006
Artemis P. Simopoulos

Book review
Frank E Marino

Book review
Walter W. Virkus; Series Editor: Bernard R. Bach, Jr

Guest Reviewers, Volume 07, 2008

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