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Table of Contents.
Review article
495 - 500
The Sports Science of Curling: A Practical Review
John L. Bradley

Research article
501 - 508
Does the Level of Graphical Detail of a Virtual Handball Thrower Influence a Goalkeeper’s Motor Response?
Nicolas Vignais, Benoit Bideau, Cathy Craig, Sébastien Brault, Franck Multon, Paul Delamarche, Richard Kulpa

Research article
509 - 515
Effect of BETA 1, 3/1, 6 GLUCAN on Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms and Mood State in Marathon Athletes
Shawn Talbott, Julie Talbott

Research article
516 - 522
The effects of Creatine Long-Term Supplementation on Muscle Morphology and Swimming Performance in Rats
Ahmet Yildiz, Ercan Ozdemir, Sefa Gulturk, Sena Erdal

Research article
523 - 527
Differences in Game Statistics Between Winning and Losing Rugby Teams in the Six Nations Tournament
Enrique Ortega, Diego Villarejo, José M. Palao

Research article
528 - 532
Familiarisation and Reliability of Sprint Test Indices During Laboratory and Field Assessment
James G. Hopker, Damian A. Coleman, Jonathan D. Wiles, Andrew Galbraith

Research article
533 - 542
Effects of Long-Term Physical Activity on Cardiac Structure and Function: A Twin Study
Sara Mutikainen, Merja Perhonen, Markku Alén, Tuija Leskinen, Jouko Karjalainen, Taina Rantanen, Jaakko Kaprio, Urho M. Kujala

Research article
543 - 547
Repeated Abdominal Exercise Induces Respiratory Muscle Fatigue
Christopher L. Gomez, Lisa M. Strongoli, J. Richard Coast

Research article
548 - 552
Effects of Prolonged Tendon Vibration Stimulation on Eccentric and Concentric Maximal Torque and Emgs of the Knee Extensors
Yu Konishi, Junjiro Kubo, Akinori Fukudome

Research article
553 - 559
Short-Term Bone Biochemical Response to a Single Bout of High-Impact Exercise
Timo Rantalainen, Ari Heinonen, Vesa Linnamo, Paavo V. Komi, Timo E. S. Takala, Heikki Kainulainen

Research article
560 - 566
Paths to Expertise in Portuguese National Team Athletes
Nuno Leite, Joseph Baker, Jaime Sampaio

Research article
567 - 573
The Validity of Submaximal Ratings of Perceived Exertion to Predict One Repetition Maximum
Roger Eston, Harrison James Llewelyn Evans

Research article
574 - 583
Effects of Endurance Running and Dietary Fat on Circulating Ghrelin and Peptide YY
Ryan D. Russell, Kentz S. Willis, Eric Ravussin, Enette D. Larson-Meyer

Research article
584 - 590
Noninvasive Determination of Knee Cartilage Deformation During Jumping
Nenad Filipovic, Radun Vulovic, Aleksandar Peulic, Radivoje Radakovic, Djordje Kosanic, Branko Ristic

Research article
591 - 599
Effects of Sodium Phosphate Loading on Aerobic Power and Capacity in off Road Cyclists
Milosz Czuba, Adam Zajac, Stanislaw Poprzecki, Jaroslaw Cholewa, Scott Woska

Research article
600 - 606
The Effect of Tapering Period on Plasma Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Levels and Performance in Elite Male Cyclists
Negin Farhangimaleki, Farzad Zehsaz, Peter M. Tiidus

Research article
607 - 615
Kinetic Assessment of Golf Shoe Outer Sole Design Features
Paul Worsfold, Neal A. Smith, Rosemary J. Dyson

Research article
616 - 621
Net Heart Rate to Prescribe Physical Activity in Middle-Aged to Older Active Adults
José A Bragada, P. Magalhães Pedro, Catarina S. Vasques, M. Barbosa Tiago, P. Lopes Vítor

Research article
622 - 628
Post-Season Detraining Effects on Physiological and Performance Parameters in Top-Level Kayakers: Comparison of Two Recovery Strategies
Jesús García-Pallarés, Luis Carrasco, Arturo Díaz, Luis Sánchez-Medina

Research article
629 - 638
Scale Development for Measuring and Predicting Adolescents’ Leisure Time Physical Activity Behavior
Francis Ries, Santiago Romero Granados, Silvia Arribas Galarraga

Research article
639 - 647
Number of Successive Cycles Necessary to Achieve Stability of Selected Ground Reaction Force Variables During Continuous Jumping
Vitomir Racic, Aleksandar Pavic, Jasmes M.W. Brownjohn

Research article
648 - 656
Improved Motor-Timing: Effects of Synchronized Metro-Nome Training on Golf Shot Accuracy
Marius Sommer, Louise Rönnqvist

Research article
657 - 662
A Study of Shuttlecock’s Trajectory in Badminton
Lung-Ming Chen, Yi-Hsiang Pan, Yung-Jen Chen

Research article
663 - 671
Muscle Strength and Qualitative Jump-Landing Differences in Male and Female Military Cadets: The Jump-ACL Study
Anthony I. Beutler, Sarah J. de la Motte, Stephen W. Marshall, Darin A. Padua, Barry P. Boden

Research article
672 - 681
Effects of High-Dose Creatine Supplementation on Kidney and Liver Responses In Sedentary and Exercised Rats
Renato A. Souza, Humberto Miranda, Murilo Xavier, Rodrigo A. Lazo-Osorio, Hélio A. Gouvea, José C. Cogo, Rodolfo P. Vieira, Wellington Ribeiro

Research article
682 - 688
Circuit Resistance Exercise Improves Glycemic Control and Adipokines in Females with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Sunghwun Kang, Jin Hee Woo, Ki Ok Shin, Dukkuy Kim, Hye-Jeong Lee, Young Jun Kim, Nam Hwoeh Yeo

Research article
689 - 695
The Reliability of Adolescent Thermoregulatory Responses During a Heat Acclimation Protocol
Caroline S. Brokenshire, Neil Armstrong, Craig A. Williams

Case report
696 - 701
Exercise Limitations in a Competitive Cyclist Twelve Months Post Heart Transplantation
Jeremy A. Patterson, Nicolas G. Walton

Case report
702 - 704
Surgical Treatment of Stress Fracture of the Scaphoid of an Adolescent Gymnast
Tokuyoshi Yamagiwa, Hiroyuki Fujioka, Hiroaki Okuno, Masaki Tomatsuri, Juichi Tanaka, Shinichi Yoshiya

Case report
705 - 708
Subcutaneous Peroneus Longus Tendon Rupture Associated with OS Peroneum Fracture
Hiroyuki Fujioka, Takeshi Kokubu, Takeshi Makino, Issei Nagura, Toshihisa Maeda, Masahiro Kurosaka, Hiroaki Okuno, Tokuyoshi Yamagiwa, Juichi Tanaka, Shinichi Yoshiya

Letter to editor
709 - 710
Comments on the Paper “The Nephrotoxicity Risk in Rats Subjected to Heavy Muscle Activity” by Gülsen Oner and Selma Cirrik (2009) Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 8, 481-488 and Response of the Authors
Thys M. Mouton

Letter to editor
711 - 712
Higher Body Mass Index is a Predictor of Death Among Professional Sumo Wrestlers
Hideyuki Kanda, Takehito Hayakawa, Satoshi Tsuboi, Yayoi Mori, Teruna Takahashi, Tetsuhito Fukushima

Book review
Ronald J. Maughan

Book review
Ronald J. Maughan

Book review
Roald Bahr and Lars Engebretsen

Book review
Neil Armstrong & William van Mechelen

Guest Reviewers, Volume 08, 2009

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