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March 2011 - Volume 10, Issue 1
Table of Contents.
Review article
1 - 8
Review of Rule Modification in Sport
Jose L. Arias, Francisco M. Argudo, Jose I. Alonso

Review article
9 - 18
Muscle Strength And Golf Performance: A Critical Review
Lorena Torres-Ronda, Luis Sánchez-Medina, Juan J. González-Badillo

Research article
19 - 30
The Potential Neural Mechanisms of Acute Indirect Vibration
Darryl J. Cochrane

Research article
31 - 38
Inter-Joint Coordination in Producing Kicking Velocity of Taekwondo Kicks
Young Kwan Kim, Yoon Hyuk Kim, Shin Ja Im

Research article
39 - 44
Repetitive Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (15 Hz RPMS) of the Human Soleus Muscle did not Affect Spinal Excitability
Martin Behrens, Anett Mau-Möller, Volker Zschorlich, Sven Bruhn

Research article
45 - 51
Functional Status and Inflammation after Preseason Training Program in Professional and Recreational Soccer Players: a Proteomic Approach
Francisco J. Martín-Sánchez, José María Villalón, José J. Zamorano-León, Luis Fernández Rosas, Ricardo Proietti, Petra J. Mateos-Caceres, Juan J. González-Armengol, Pedro Villarroel, Carlos Macaya, Antonio J. López-Farré

Research article
52 - 58
Effect of Self-Selected and Induced Slow and Fast Paddling on Atroke Kinematics During 1000 m Outrigger Canoeing Ergometry
Rebecca M. Sealey, Kevin F. Ness, Anthony S. Leicht

Research article
59 - 65
Substrate Utilization is Influenced by Acute Dietary Carbohydrate Intake in Active, Healthy Females
Sara Gregory, Richard Wood, Tracey Matthews, Deborah VanLangen, Jason Sawyer, Samuel Headley

Research article
66 - 72
Seasonal Differences in Physical Activity and Sedentary Patterns: The Relevance of the PA Context
Pedro Silva, Rute Santos, Gregory Welk, Jorge Mota

Research article
73 - 80
Performance and Kinematics of Various Throwing Techniques in Team-Handball
Herbert Wagner, Jürgen Pfusterschmied, Serge P. von Duvillard, Erich Müller

Research article
81 - 92
Changes in Quadriceps Muscle Activity During Sustained Recreational Alpine Skiing
Josef Kröll, Erich Müller, John G. Seifert, James M. Wakeling

Research article
93 - 96
The Effect of Regular Exercise on Development of Sarcoma Tumor and Oxidative Damage in Mice Liver
Maria Sasvari, Albert W. Taylor, Dezso Gaal, Zsolt Radak

Research article
97 - 104
Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Training on Bone-Free Lean Body Mass and Muscle Strength in Young Adults
Yusuke Osawa, Yuko Oguma, Shohei Onishi

Research article
105 - 111
Integrating Pilates Exercise into an Exercise Program for 65+ Year-Old Women to Reduce Falls
Gonul Babayigit Irez, Recep Ali Ozdemir, Ruya Evin, Salih Gokhan Irez, Feza Korkusuz

Research article
112 - 118
The Relationship between Performance and Trunk Movement During Change of Direction
Shogo Sasaki, Yasuharu Nagano, Satoshi Kaneko, Takakuni Sakurai, Toru Fukubayashi

Research article
119 - 129
The Relationship between Goal Orientations, Motivational Climate and Selfreported Discipline in Physical Education
Juan A. Moreno-Murcia, Alvaro Sicilia, Eduardo Cervelló, Elisa Huéscar, Delia C. Dumitru

Research article
130 - 136
Assessment of Subjective Perceived Exertion at the Anaerobic Threshold with the Borg CR-10 Scale
Antonio R. Zamunér, Marlene A. Moreno, Taís M. Camargo, Juliana P. Graetz, Ana C. S. Rebelo, Nayara Y. Tamburús, Ester da Silva

Research article
137 - 144
Self-Generated Coping Strategies Among Muslim Athletes During Ramadan Fasting
Jolly Roy, Ooi Cheong Hwa, Rabindarjeet Singh, Abdul Rashid Aziz, Chai Wen Jin

Research article
145 - 150
Age-Related, Site-Specific Muscle Loss in 1507 Japanese Men and Women Aged 20 to 95 Years
Takashi Abe, Mikako Sakamaki, Tomohiro Yasuda, Michael G. Bemben, Masakatsu Kondo, Yasuo Kawakami, Tetsuo Fukunaga

Research article
151 - 156
The Lower Extremity Biomechanics of Single- and Double-Leg Stop-Jump Tasks
Li-I Wang

Research article
157 - 163
POLYGON - A New Fundamental Movement Skills Test for 8 Year Old Children: Construction and Validation
Frane Zuvela, Ana Bozanic, Durdica Miletic

Research article
164 - 168
Higher Precision of Heart Rate Compared with VO2 to Predict Exercise Intensity in Endurance-Trained Runners
Victor M. Reis, Roland Van den Tillaar, Mario C. Marques

Research article
169 - 174
The Effect of Whole-Body Vibration Frequency and Amplitude on the Myoelectric Activity of Vastus Medialis and Vastus Lateralis
Piotr Krol, Magdalena Piecha, Kajetan Slomka, Grzegorz Sobota, Anna Polak, Grzegorz Juras

Research article
175 - 183
The Effects of Intermittent Hypoxic Training on Aerobic Capacity and Endurance Performance in Cyclists
Milosz Czuba, Zbigniew Waskiewicz, Adam Zajac, Stanislaw Poprzecki, Jaroslaw Cholewa, Robert Roczniok

Research article
184 - 192
Effectiveness of Multimedia-Supported Education in Practical Sports Courses
Roland Leser, Arnold Baca, Johannes Uhlig

Research article
193 - 202
Handball Coaches’ Perceptions About the Value of Working Competences According to Their Coaching Background
Isabel Mesquita, Mario Borges, Antonio Rosado, Adriano De Souza

Research article
203 - 214
Optimum Projection Angle for Attaining Maximum Distance in a Soccer Punt Kick
Nicholas P. Linthorne, Dipesh S. Patel

Research article
215 - 221
Step Counts and Body Mass Index Among 9-14 Years Old Greek Schoolchildren
Maria Michalopoulou, Vassilios Gourgoulis, Thomas Kourtessis, Antonios Kambas, Martina Dimitrou, Helen Gretziou

Research article
222 - 226
Effects of 12 Weeks of Combined Exercise Training on Visfatin and Metabolic Syndrome Factors in Obese Middle-Aged Women
Dong-il Seo, Wi-Young So, Sung Ha, Eun-Jung Yoo, Daeyeol Kim, Harshvardhan Singh, Christopher A. Fahs, Lindy Rossow, Debra A. Bemben, Michael G. Bemben, Eonho Kim

Case report
227 - 229
Bilateral Volleyball-Related Deformity of the Little Fingers: Mallet Finger and Clinodactyly Mimic
Mustafa Uslu, Kazim Solak, Mustafa Ozsahin, Hakan Uzun

Letter to editor
230 - 231
Can the Power Balance Bracelet Improve Balance, Flexibility, Strength, and Power?
John Porcari, Rachel Hazuga, Carl Foster, Scott Doberstein, Jordan Becker, Dennis Kline, Thomas Mickschl, Chris Dodge

Letter to editor
232 - 232
Robert Whitham, Bryn Saville

Letter to editor
233 - 234
Reliability and Accuracy of 10 GPS Devices for Short-Distance Exercise
Julen Castellano, David Casamichana, Julio Calleja-González, Jaime San Román, Sergej M. Ostojic

Book review
Joan E. Edelstein and Alex Moroz

Book review
Anil Ranawat and Bryan T. Kelly - Steven B. Cohen

Book review
Steven B. Cohen

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