Supplementary data 2

Single questionnaires and components of the survey.

Section Issue Kind of question
Own questions
Demographic and anthropometric data University, course of studies, semester, age, weight, height, sex, nationality Open and polar
Abuse and consumption of stimulating substances and analgesics Tobacco/nicotine, alcohol, other drugs, ephedrine/caffeine tablets, energy drinks, other (open question for each) Open, polar
Sports and exercise Disciplines in practical courses at university, sport disciplines beside university (recreational, club, competition), training workload of each Open, polar
Pain tolerance “When studying sports, …“When doing popular sports, …“When doing competitive sport, …I have to be willing to endure pain for sport-related reasons.Please rate on a scale from …” Rating scale (“0” I don’t agree, “10” I agree)
Analgesics intake in pain Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Tramal, Novalgin, Muscle relaxants, other Open, polar
Pain, injuries and diseases Injury or accident in the past eight weeks, pain diagnosed by oneself or doctor, respite, decline or lose competition or workout due to pain, diseases Open, polar
Current pain intensity (NRS) “Please rate your currently felt pain on a scale from …” Rating scale (“0” no pain, “10” worst pain imaginable”)
Free comment on experiences with pain and sports Participants could write down their experiences concerning pain, injuries and diseases in the context of doing sports and studying sports Open
Validated questionnaires
Localisation of current pain Tenderness or intensity of pain in 19 different body regions / German Version of RPS (Häuser et al., 2010), eleven additional regions Open, multiple choice
Physical and mental quality of life German version of SF-12 (Morfeld et al., 2011) multiple choice
Quality of Life Impairment by Pain Inventory German version of QLIP (Nagel et al., 2012) Open, multiple choice, polar
Sleep quality Two questions (c and d) of PHQ-D (Loewe et al., 2002) Multiple choice
Depression, anxiety and stress DASS-D (Nilges & Essau, 2015) Multiple choice
Self-compassion SCS-D SF (Hupfeld & Ruffieux, 2011) Multiple choice

Regional Pain Scale RPS; SF-12 Short Form 12 Health Survey; NRS Numerical Rating Scale; QLIP Quality of Live Impairment by Pain; SCS-D SF Self-Compassion Scale Short Form; DASS-D/-A/-S Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales-Depression/-Anxiety/-Stress.