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Book review
ESSA's Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport Assessment
Editors: Jeff Coombes, Tina Skinner

Bibliographic: ISBN: 978-0-7295-4142-8); 2014 by Elsevier Aystralia, Tower 1, 475 Vicyoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067, Australia, 476 pages, paperback, $57.33

Subjects: Testing Procedures, Exercise, Health, Fitness, Laboratory.

Reviewed by: Ufuk Sekir, MD, Prof., Department of Sports Medicine, Medical School of Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey.

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ESSA's Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport Assessment contains the basic theory and detailed step-by-step protocols for common health, exercise and sport-related assessments.


The aim of the book, as stated in the preface, is develop competency for conducting tests in exercise, health and sport science.

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The book is best for any student or graduate of an exercise and sport science degree or for professionals working in the exercise and fitness industries.


The book is composed of 18 section 4 appendixes and an index at the end of the book. The book contains more than 200 illustrative figures and about 100 tables in color. The following practical topics are addressed in the sections: Section 1 is "Equipment calibration and verification", Section 2 is "Blood analysis", Section 3 is "Cardiovascular health", Section 4 is "Anthropometry", Section 5 is "Physical activity", Section 6 is "Pre-exercise health screening", Section 7 is "Neuromuscular strength, power and strength endurance", Section 8 is "Flexibility", Section 9 is "VO2max", Section 10 is "Submaximal tests for cardiorespiratory fitness", Section 11 is "Lactate threshold", Section 12 is "High intensity exercise", Section 13 is "Nutrition", Section 14 is "Functional measure for older adults", Section 15 is "Exercise capacity", Section 16 is "Pulmonary function", Section 17 is "Resting and exercise electrocardiography (ECG)", and Section 18 is "Data analysis".

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The editors of the book are expert educators and researchers with vast experience on this topic. Each section concerning one practical test procedure begins with learning objectives and listings of required equip-ments. There are several explanatory case studies and practical data recording tables within the text. Practical contains worked examples that show how these im-portant steps can be conducted and provide advice for common scenarios.

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