Figure 7. Serum prolactin concentrations recorded at rest, at 15-min intervals during exercise and at the voluntary termination of exercise by subjects with lower (A) and higher (B) aerobic capacity. Each subject participated in four experimental trials with the following drug conditions: placebo and 10, 20 and 40 mg of paroxetine. Panel C shows the correlation between serum prolactin concentrations and total exercise time. The data are expressed as the mean ┬▒SEM (panels A and B) and as individual values (panel C). * denotes significant differences relative to the respective control trial in the subjects with lower aerobic capacity (p < 0.05). The reduced number of observations for the serum prolactin concentrations (n = 7) relative to the other analyses (n = 8) was the result of the removal of an outlier value in each group. This removal did not affect our major conclusions regarding the prolactin data.