Figure 1. Normalised time profiles of right and left wrist lateral (Z) displacement with respect to the X axis for SC samples taken in the third 25m lap of each of the four 100m swim (1-3: first 100m; 2-3: second 100m, 3-3: third 100m; 4.3: fourth 100m). Note that the zero line represents the midline of the body through the CM and that displacements are as if viewed from above. Positive displacement means that the wrist is to the left of the midline and negative displacement means that the wrist is to the right of the midline. Thus, the left wrist is in the upper (positive) part of the graph and the right wrist is in the lower (negative) part of the graph. Asymmetries can be assessed by comparing the displacement of right and left wrists at equivalent time points. The wrists reach their widest point, corresponding to the completion of the out-sweep at between 30 to 35% of the stroke cycle.