Figure 1. Overview of the validation protocol, involving seven different movements executed back and forth over a 60-m course of which the first and last 5 m are covered walking. A: sideways shuffling with five 60-degree and five 90-degree turns; B: diagonal jogging with five 90-degree and five 60-degree turns; C: 20 m maximal acceleration and 30 m gradual deceleration; D: 45 m gradual acceleration with 5 m maximal deceleration; E: 50 m backwards jogging; F: 90 m shuttle running with six 180-degree turns; G: four 10 m sideways skipping ladders while alternating side facing and total of 10 m walking in between. Black dots represent timing gates, white dots cornering poles or gates, crossed dots start points, black squares with “R” the radar gun and grey lines the movement direction.