Figure 2. Intra- and Inter-day reliability of the foot impact (INPUT), soft tissue vibration (STV) of gastrocnemius medialis (GAS) and vastus lateralis (VL). From top to bottom, row 1: INPUT signal (A, B, C), rows 2: STV GAS (D, E, F), and rows 3: STV VL (G, H, I). From left to right; column1: intra-trial reliability measured on day one (A, D, G); column 2: inter-trial reliability measured on day one (B, E, H); column 3: inter-day reliability (C, F, I). The black dashed line represents the ICC value of 0.75. AccPeak: peak acceleration; iAcc: integrated acceleration; MDF: median frequency; MNF: mean frequency; MF: median frequency; ST: setting time.