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Book review
Editors: Amir Ali Narvani, Panagiotis Thomas and Burce Lynn
Bibliographic:  ISBN: 9781841844411, Routledge Publishing (an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Lt), 2006, £26.99 315 pages, paper back
Subjects:  Sports injuries, Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, Exercise Physiology, Fitness Testing and Training, Exercise and Health Promotion
Reviewed by: Hakan Gur, MD, PhD, Uludag University Medical School, Bursa, Turkey
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Key Topics in Sports Medicine is a single quick reference source for sports and exercise medicine. It presents the essential information from across relevant topic areas, and includes both the core and emerging issues in this rapidly developing field. It covers: 1) Sports injuries, rehabilitation and injury prevention, 2) Exercise physiology, fitness testing and training, 3) Drugs in sport, 4) Exercise and health promotion, 5) Sport and exercise for special and clinical populations, 6) The psychology of performance and injury
The Key Topics format provides extensive, concise information in an accessible, easy-to-follow manner
The book is targeted the students and specialists in sports medicine and rehabilitation, athletic training, physiotherapy and orthopaedic surgery. The editors are authorities in their respective fields and this handbook depends on their extensive experience and knowledge accumulated over the years
The book contains the information for clinical guidance, rapid access to concise details and facts. It is composed of 99 topics which present the information in an order that is considered logical and progressive as in most texts. Chapter headings are: 1. Functional Anatomy, 2. Training Principles / Development of Strength and Power, 3. Biomechanical Principles, 4. Biomechanical Analysis, 5. Physiology of Training, 6. Monitoring of Training Progress, 7. Nutrition, 8. Hot and Cold Climates, 9. Altitude, 10. Sport and Travelling, 11. Principles of Sport Injury Diagnosis, 12. Principles of Sport and Soft Tissue Management, 13. Principles of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, 14. Principles of Sport Injury Prevention, 15. Sports Psychology, 16. Team Sports, 17. Psychological Aspects of Injury in Sport, 18. Injury Repair Process, 19. Basic Biomechanics of Tissue Injury, 20. Plain Film Radiography in Sport, 21. Nuclear Medicine, 22. Diagnostic Ultrasound, 23. MRI Scan, 24. Other Imaging, 5. Head Injury, 26. Eye Injury, 27. Injury to the Face, Nose, Ear, 28. Dental Problems, 29. Protective Headwear and Facial Protection in Sport, 30. Spinal Injury: Functional Anatomy and General Biomechanics, 31. Cervical Spine Injuries, 32. Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries, 33. Spine Related Syndromes, 34. Chest Injuries, 35. Abdominal Injuries and Abdominal Wall Injuries, 36. Urinary Tract Injuries, 37. The Shoulder Disorders, 38. Acromioclavicular Joint Disorders, 39. The Elbow Joint, 40. The Forearm and Wrist, 41. Hand Injuries, 42. Neurological Injury Affecting the Upper Limb, 43. Buttock Pain, 44. Groin Pain, 45. Thigh Injuries
Based on graduate programme teaching practice and with an international team of contributors, this is a valuable and practical resource for all those interested in sports and exercise medicine, including sports clinicians, general practitioners, team doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, accident and emergency doctors and physiotherapists. It is concise and well organized in its presentation, creating an effective textbook. I believe, therefore, the book will serve as a first-rate teaching tool and reference for students and specialists in sports medicine and rehabilitation, athletic training, physiotherapy. Students will enjoy the format of this book
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