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Book review
Editors: Bryan T. Kelly, Marc J. Phippon - James R. Andrews; Tal S. David
Bibliographic:  ISBN: 978-1-55642-886-9 (alk. paper), SLACK Incorporated, 2010, 175 pages
Subjects:  Arthroscopic techniques of the hip joint
Reviewed by: M. Asim Baykan MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Acibadem Medical Group, Kozyatagi Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
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A highly organized, illustrative instructional resource for the techniques of the arthroscopic hip surgery especially for sports traumatology
Designing this book the editors have aimed to prepare a detailed instructional visual guide for arthroscopic procedures in the diagnosis and the treatment of hip pathologies in which the techniques are explained and illustrated precisely step by step from start to finish
Orthopedic residents, fellows, and surgeons involved with sports arthroscopy
The text is composed of 13 chapters. Every chapter is richly illustrated by images and diagrams and has "tips and pearls", "pitfalls" and "references" sections at the end. Chapter 1 is "Positioning and Set-up", Chapter 2 is about portals. Chapter 3 is "Diagnostic Arthroscopy". Chapter 4 is about the techniques for the removal of loose bodies and the excision of PVNS/ sinovial chondromato-sis. Other subjects are: Ch.5: Arthroscopic Labral Repair; Ch.6: Pincer Impingement; Ch.7: Femoraacetabular Im-pingement-Femoral Osteochondroplasty for Cam Im-pingement; Ch.8: Iliopsoas Tendon Release; Ch.9: Ab-ductor Repairs; Ch.10: Iliotibial band release; Ch.11: Microfracture; Ch.12: Revision Hip Arthroscopy; Ch.13: Arthroscopic Acetabular Labral Reconstruction Using Iliotibial Band Autograft
Chapters are uniformly designed starting with anatomy and a brief description of each patology then surgical goals, set- up and precise instructions of operative steps enhanced by several visual materials including images from the scope, pictures of the theatre, figures and radiological images all resembling an hands-on fellow education in an operative session. "Tips and Pearls" and "Pitfalls" sections of the chapters are some precise in-structions which are very useful guidelines those are underlined by the experts of hip arthroscopy. "Arthro-scopic Techniques of the Hip" is a very useful and easy-to-read resource for a future hip arthroscopist
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