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JSSM is an electronic journal aims to present easy access to the scientific knowledge for sport-conscious individuals using contemporary methods. The purpose is to minimise the problems like the delays in publishing process of the articles or to acquire previous issues by drawing advantage from electronic medium. In this context, forming a discussion channel among the researchers would present a further opportunity to address any question or problem immediately. JSSM would also facilitate to display non conventional materials like video clips, animations, colour photos, etc.

Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
Current Issue.

December 2017 - Volume 16, Issue 4
Table of Contents
Research article
1 - 12
Perceptual and Cardiorespiratory Responses to High-Intensity Interval Exercise in Adolescents: Does Work Intensity Matter?
Adam A. Malik, Craig A. Williams, Kathryn L. Weston, Alan R. Barker

Research article
13 - 20
Dynamic Stretching Has Sustained Effects on Range of Motion and Passive Stiffness of the Hamstring Muscles
Masahiro Iwata, Ayano Yamamoto, Shingo Matsuo, Genki Hatano, Manabu Miyazaki, Taizan Fukaya, Mitsuhiro Fujiwara, Yuji Asai, Shigeyuki Suzuki

Review article
21 - 31
The Proportion of Lower Limb Running Injuries by Gender, Anatomical Location and Specific Pathology: A Systematic Review
Peter Francis, Chris Whatman, Kelly Sheerin, Patria Hume, Mark I. Johnson

Research article
32 - 43
Science or Coaches’ Eye? – Both! Beneficial Collaboration of Multidimensional Measurements and Coach Assessments for Efficient Talent Selection in Elite Youth Football
Roland Sieghartsleitner, Claudia Zuber, Marc Zibung, Achim Conzelmann

Research article
44 - 51
A Comparison of the Maximal Fat Oxidation Rates of Three Different Time Periods in The Fatmax Stage
Kerem T. Özgünen, Çiğdem Özdemir, Selcen Korkmaz-Eryılmaz, Abdullah Kılcı, Özgür Günaştı, Sanlı S. Kurdak

Research article
52 - 57
Effects of Dynamic Stretching with Different Loads on Hip Joint Range of Motion in the Elderly
Wen-Sheng Zhou, Jia-Huei Lin, Shu-Chen Chen, Kuei-Yu Chien

Research article
58 - 64
Stretching Combined with Repetitive Small Length Changes of the Plantar Flexors Enhances Their Passive Extensibility while Not Compromising Strength
Naoki Ikeda, Takayuki Inami, Yasuo Kawakami

Research article
65 - 72
Influence of Sex and Maximum Strength on Reactive Strength Index-Modified
George K. Beckham, Timothy J. Suchomel, Christopher J. Sole, Christopher A. Bailey, Jacob L. Grazer, Steven B. Kim, Kasie B. Talbot, Michael H. Stone

Research article
73 - 81
The Use of GPS Analysis to Quantify the Internal and External Match Demands of Semi-Elite Level Female Soccer Players during a Tournament
Anita Strauss, Martinique Sparks, Cindy Pienaar

Research article
82 - 90
Influence of Perceived Physical Literacy on Coaching Efficacy and Leadership Behavior: A Cross-Sectional Study
Ming-Hui Li, Raymond Kim Wai Sum, Tristan Wallhead, Amy Sau Ching Ha, Cindy Hui Ping Sit, Ru Li

Research article
91 - 100
Functional Mobility and Dynamic Postural Control Predict Overhead Handball Throwing Performance in Elite Female Team Handball Players
Ola Eriksrud, Fredrik O. Sæland, Peter A. Federolf, Jan Cabri

Research article
101 - 108
Comparison of Quadriceps and Hamstring Muscle Activity during an Isometric Squat between Strength-Matched Men and Women
Sophia Nimphius, Jeffrey M. McBride, Paige E. Rice, Courtney L. Goodman-Capps, Christopher R. Capps

Research article
109 - 117
Are Linear Speed and Jumping Ability Determinants of Change of Direction Movements in Young Male Soccer Players?
Marek Popowczak, Andrzej Rokita, Kamil Świerzko, Stefan Szczepan, Ryszard Michalski, Krzysztof Maćkała

Research article
118 - 127
Effect of Acute Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on the Post-Exercise Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Obese Males: A Randomized, Controlled, Crossover Trial
Ágnes D. de Lima Bezerra, Eduardo C. Costa, Daniela A. Pacheco, Daniel C. Souza, Luiz F. Farias-Junior, Raphael M. Ritti-Dia, Gisele B. Grigolo, Paulo I. H. de Bittencourt Júnior, Mauricio Krause, Ana P. T. Fayh

Research article
128 - 136
The 2 Minute Loaded Repeated Jump Test: Longitudinal Anaerobic Testing in Elite Alpine Ski Racers
Carson Patterson, Hans-Peter Platzer, Christian Raschner

Research article
137 - 145
Are IL1B, IL6 and IL6R Gene Variants Associated with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture Susceptibility?
Ewelina Lulińska-Kuklik, Ewelina Maculewicz, Waldemar Moska, Krzysztof Ficek, Mariusz Kaczmarczyk, Monika Michałowska-Sawczyn, Kinga Humińska-Lisowska, Maciej Buryta, Jakub Chycki, Pawel Cięszczyk, Piotr Żmijewski, Agata Rzeszutko, Marek Sawczuk, Petr Stastny, Miroslav Petr, Agnieszka Maciejewska-Skrendo

Research article
146 - 154
Alteration of Autophagy Gene Expression by Different Intensity of Exercise in Gastrocnemius and Soleus Muscles of Wistar Rats
Vita Murniati Tarawan, Julia Windi Gunadi, Setiawan, Ronny Lesmana, Hanna Goenawan, Debby Eka Meilina, Julidea Anggiriani Sipayung, Teresa Liliana Wargasetia, Wahyu Widowati, Yenni Limyati, Unang Supratman

Research article
155 - 159
Epigenetic Status of The Human MMP11 Gene Promoter is Altered in Patellar Tendinopathy
Rebecca Rickaby, Louis Y El Khoury, Tom Samiric, Stuart M Raleigh

Research article
160 - 171
Foam Rolling and Joint Distraction with Elastic Band Training Performed for 5-7 Weeks Respectively Improve Lower Limb Flexibility
Aymeric Guillot, Yann Kerautret, Florian Queyrel, William Schobb, Franck Di Rienzo

Research article
172 - 180
Effects of Vibration and Non-Vibration Foam Rolling on Recovery after Exercise with Induced Muscle Damage
Blanca Romero-Moraleda, Jaime González-García, Ángel Cuéllar-Rayo, Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández, Daniel Muñoz-García, Esther Morencos

Research article
181 - 190
Physiological and Psychological Responses during Low-Volume High-Intensity Interval Training Sessions with Different Work-Recovery Durations
Luiz Fernando Farias-Junior, Geovani Araújo Dantas Macêdo, Rodrigo Alberto Vieira Browne, Yuri Alberto Freire, Filipe Fernandes Oliveira-Dantas, Daniel Schwade, Arnaldo Luis Mortatti, Tony Meireles Santos, Eduardo Caldas Costa

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