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Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
Current Issue.

December 2017 - Volume 16, Issue 4
Table of Contents
Research article
515 - 524
Effects of Natural Between-Days Variation in Sleep on Elite Athletes’ Psychomotor Vigilance and Sport-Specific Measures of Performance
Melanie Knufinke, Arne Nieuwenhuys, Kamiel Maase, Maarten H. Moen, Sabine A.E. Geurts, Anton M.L. Coenen, Michiel A.J. Kompier

Research article
525 - 532
The Addition of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation with Roller Massage Alone or in Combination Did Not Increase Pain Tolerance or Range of Motion
James D. Young, Alyssa-Joy Spence, Gerard Power, David G. Behm

Research article
533 - 538
The Post-Exercise Inflammatory Response to Repeated-Sprint Running in Hypoxia
Jaime Morrison, Brianna Larsen, Amanda J. Cox, Clare Minahan

Research article
539 - 546
Establishing the Reliability and Limits of Meaningful Change of Lower Limb Strength and Power Measures during Seated Leg Press in Elite Soccer Players
James Redden, Keith Stokes, Sean Williams

Research article
547 - 556
Youth Australian Footballers Experience Similar Impact Forces to the Head as Junior- and Senior-League Players: A Prospective Study of Kinematic Measurements
Mark Hecimovich, Doug King, Alasdair Dempsey, Mason Gittins, Myles Murphy

Case report
557 - 562
Monitoring Heart Rate Variability Before and After a Marathon in an Elite Wheelchair Athlete: A Case Study
Santiago Sanz-Quinto, Gabriel Brizuela, Raúl López-Grueso, Andrew A. Flatt, Adolfo Aracil-Marco, Raúl Reina, Manuel Moya-Ramón

Research article
563 - 570
Positional Differences in the Most Demanding Passages of Play in Football Competition
Andrés Martín-García, David Casamichana, Antonio Gómez Díaz, Francesc Cos, Tim J. Gabbett

Research article
571 - 579
Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis (BIVA) and Body Mass Changes in an Ultra-Endurance Triathlon Event
Jorge Castizo-Olier, Marta Carrasco-Marginet, Alex Roy, Diego Chaverri, Xavier Iglesias, Carla Pérez-Chirinos, Ferran Rodríguez, Alfredo Irurtia

Research article
580 - 588
The Effects of Exercise Training and High Triglyceride Diet in an Estrogen Depleted Rat Model: The Role of the Heme Oxygenase System and Inflammatory Processes in Cardiovascular Risk
Csaba Varga, Médea Veszelka, Krisztina Kupai, Denise Börzsei, Zoltán Deim, Renáta Szabó, Szilvia Török, Dániel Priksz, Rudolf Gesztelyi, Béla Juhász, Zsolt Radák, Anikó Pósa

Research article
589 - 598
Biomechanical Effects of Ball Position on Address Position Variables of Elite Golfers
Sung Eun Kim, Young-Chul Koh, Joon-Haeng Cho, Sae Yong Lee, Hae-Dong Lee, Sung-Cheol Lee

Research article
599 - 606
Effect of Post-Exercise Massage on Passive Muscle Stiffness Measured Using Myotonometry – A Double-Blind Study
Pui W. Kong, Yao H. Chua, Masato Kawabata, Stephen F. Burns, Congcong Cai

Research article
607 - 616
Training Quantification and Periodization during Live High Train High at 2100 M in Elite Runners: An Observational Cohort Case Study
Avish P. Sharma, Philo U. Saunders, Laura A. Garvican – Lewis, Julien D. Périard, Brad Clark, Christopher J. Gore, Benjamin P. Raysmith, Jamie Stanley, Eileen Y. Robertson, Kevin G. Thompson

Research article
617 - 622
Influence of Different Loads on Force-Time Characteristics during Back Squats
Takafumi Kubo, Kuniaki Hirayama, Nobuhiro Nakamura, Mitsuru Higuchi

Research article
623 - 632
Maximum Strength Development and Volume-Load during Concurrent High Intensity Intermittent Training Plus Strength or Strength-Only Training
Valéria L. G. Panissa, David H. Fukuda, Flaviane P. de Oliveira, Sergio S. Parmezzani, Eduardo Z. Campos, Fabrício E. Rossi, Emerson Franchini, Fabio S. Lira

Research article
633 - 639
Heart Rate-Index Estimates Oxygen Uptake, Energy Expenditure and Aerobic Fitness in Rugby Players
Alessandro L. Colosio, Anna Pedrinolla, Giorgio Da Lozzo, Silvia Pogliaghi

Research article
640 - 649
Effects of Exercise-Induced Fatigue on Lower Extremity Joint Mechanics, Stiffness, and Energy Absorption during Landings
Xini Zhang, Rui Xia, Boyi Dai, Xiaole Sun, Weijie Fu

Research article
650 - 655
The Risk Factors of Hamstring Strain Injury Induced by High-Speed Running
Gaku Tokutake, Rieko Kuramochi, Yuki Murata, Shota Enoki, Yuki Koto, Takuya Shimizu

Research article
656 - 661
Validation of a French Version of the Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence Questionnaire (MacNamara & Collins, 2011): A Situated Approach to Talent Development
Vincent Gesbert, Fabienne C. von Roten, Denis Hauw

Research article
662 - 667
Decline in Match Running Performance in Football is affected by an Increase in Game Interruptions
Daniel Linke, Daniel Link, Hendrik Weber, Martin Lames

Research article
668 - 679
Cardiometabolic and Muscular Fatigue Responses to Different CrossFit® Workouts
José L. Maté-Muñoz, Juan H. Lougedo, Manuel Barba, Ana M. Cañuelo-Márquez, Jesús Guodemar-Pérez, Pablo García-Fernández, María del C. Lozano-Estevan, Rosa Alonso-Melero, María A. Sánchez-Calabuig, Monserrat Ruíz-López, Fernando de Jesús, Manuel V. Garnacho-Castaño

Research article
680 - 685
Reducing Glycemic Indicators with Moderate Intensity Stepping of Varied, Short Durations in People with Pre-Diabetes
Eric Bartholomae, Zachary Johnson, Jeffery Moore, Kathryn Ward, Jochen Kressler

Letter to editor
686 - 688
There Is No Such Thing as an International Elite Under-9 Soccer Player
Andrew Kirkland, Mark O’Sullivan

Letter to editor
689 - 690
Changes in Cortisol and Immunoglobulin a Concentrations in Referees during a Professional Football Match
Marco Kokaly, Luis Peñailillo, Claudio Villagrán, Karen Mackay, Sebastian Jannas, Louise Deldicque, Hermann Zbinden-Foncea

Guest Reviewers, Volume 17, 2018

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