Table 2. Statistical results from ANOVA and Tukey's honestly significant difference criterion with respect to three factors: Playing positions, with five factor levels (CD, ED, CM, EM, F); ranges of velocities, with five factor levels (V1, V2, V3, V4 and V5) and the game periods with two factor levels (1 and 2).
Factor Statistial Significant Diferences (p < 0.05)
Playing Positions: ED, CM, EM > F > CD
Range of Velocities: V1 > V3 >V2 > V4 > V5
Periods: 1st > 2nd
Playing Positions X Range of Velocities: V1: CM > F; V2: ED, CM, EM > CD, F (except CMxF); V3: ED, CM, EM > CD
Range of Velocities X Periods: V1: 1st > 2nd, V2: 1st > 2nd, V3: 1st > 2nd