Table 1. Effects of exercise training on blood lipids and lipoproteins in Children and Adolescents.
Authors Subjects Age (yr) Control group Mode Frequency (days/week) Intensity Duration (minutes) Length (weeks) Dependent variables Results
Blessing et al. (1995) N=15 males 10 females Age=13-18 N=14 males Ý 10 females Various aerobic activities 3 Variable Up to 90% 40 16 TC, LDL-C HDL-C TG TC/HDL-C decreased increased no effect decreased
Gilliam et al. (1978) N=14 females Age=8-10 None Various aerobic activities unknown “strenuous” 35 6 TC HDL-C no effect increased
Gilliam et al. (1980) N=11 females Age=7-9 N=12 Various Aerobic activities 4 “moderately high intensity” 25 12 TC TG no effect no effect
Ignico et al. (1995) N=10 males, 8 females, Age=8-11 N=7 Aerobic games 3 160-180 b·min-1 few to 60 10 TG TC, HDL-C LDL-C decreased no effect no effect
Linder et al. (1983) N=29 males Age=11-17 N=21 3 days walk/jog 4 80% of max HR 25-30 8 TC, HDL-C TG, LDL-C no effect no effect
Rowland et al. (1996) N=11 males, Ages=10-12 N=20 females Ages=10-12 Subjects served as their own control Various Aerobic Activities 3 170-180 b·min-1 25 13 TC TG HDL-C LDL-C no effect no effect no effect no effect
Savage et al. (1986) N=12 males Ages=8-9 N=10 Walk/jog/run 3 75% of peak HR 2.4 km per session progressing to 4.8 km per session 11 TC HDL-C LDL-C no effect decreased no effect
Stergioulas et al. (1998) N=18 males Ages=10-14 N=20 aerobic activities 4 75% of peak VO2 Unclear (60which included warm-up and cool-down) 8 HDL-C increased
Stergioulas et al. (2004) N=12 males 17 4 60 8 TC HDL-C TG no effect increased decreased
Stoedefalke et al. (2000) N=20 girls Ages=13-14 N=18 Aerobic activities 3 75%-85% Polar computer interfaceHR monitors 20 TC, LDL-C, TG, HDL-C no effect
Tolfrey et al. (1998) N=12 boys 14 girls N=10 boys 10 girls cycle ergometer 3 79.3% Telemetry HR Monitors 12 TC, TG LDL-C HDL-C no effect decreased increased
Tolfrey et al. (2004) N= 19 boys 15 girls Ages=10-11 Acted as own controls Cycle ergometer 3 80 % Polar computer interfaceHR monitors 12 TC, TG LDL-C HDL-C no effect
Welsman et al. (1997) N=35 females Ages=10 N=16 17 did aerobic dance Ý 18 did cycle ergometry 3 160-170 b·min-1 20-25 for aerobic dance 2 for cycle ergometry 8 TC HDL-C no effect no effect
Williford et al. (1996) N=12 males Ages=13 N=5 Walking or jogging 5 70-90% of peak HR 30 15 TC LDL-C HDL-C no effect decrease increase