Table 2. Summary of plyometric training program.
Weeks 1 and 2
1-2 sets / 10 repetitions
Weeks 3 and 4
1-2 sets / 8 repetitions
Weeks 5 and 6
1-2 sets / 6 repetitions
Double leg jump forward
Double leg jump backward
Double leg “X” hop
MB ’stuffer flutter”
Standing jump & reach
Lateral taps on MB
MB overhead throw
MB single leg dip
Arrow cone drill*
Figure 8 drill*
Ankle jumps
Hurdle hops
Lateral cone hops
Zig-zag jump drill
MB chest pass
Jump & turn 90°
High-5 drill
MB backwards throw
MB split squat
Power skipping
Clock drill*
Dot drill
Single leg cone hops
Long jump and sprint
Single leg zig-zag drill
MB lunge chest pass
Jump and turn 180°
Tuck jumps
MB partner push pass
Split squat jump
Alternate bounding
Shuttle drill
MB = medicine ball; plyometric speed and agility drills were performed once during weeks 1, 3 and 5 and twice during weeks 2, 4 and 6. Details of the training program are discussed in the text.