Table 1. The 'Bloomfield Movement Classification' behaviours and modifiers.
BEHAVIORS (Modifiers in parenthesis) MODIFIERS
1. TIMED Motion Sprint (A+B), Run (A+B), Shuffle (A+B), Skip (A+B), Jog (A+B), Walk (A), Stand Still, Slow Down (A+B), Jump (C), Land, Dive (D), Slide (D), Fall, Get Up (B) Initial Channel Start of Observation (A) Direction Forwards, Forwards Diagonally Right/Left, Sideways Right/Left, Backwards, Backwards Diagonally Right/Left, Arc Forwards Left to Right/Right to Left, Arc Backwards Left to Right/Right to Left, Arc Sideways Right/Left (B) Intensity Low, Medium, High, Very High (C) Jump Vertical, Forwards, Backwards, Sideways (E) (D) Dive Feet first, Head first (E) Turn Right/Left (F) Type Push, Pull, Pushed, Pulled, Other (G) Control Right/Left foot, Head, Chest, Thigh, Other (H) Pass/Shoot Long Air, Short Air, Long Ground, Short Ground, Other (I) How Right/Left Foot, Header, Backheel, Overhead, Other (J) Dribble Start, End K) Touches Start,1-3, 4-6, 7-10, >10
2. INSTANTANEOUS (NON-TIMED) Other Movement Stop (B), Swerve (E), Impact(F+B) Turns 00-900(E) 900-1800(E) 1800-2700(E) 2700-3600(E) >3600(E) On the Ball Activity Receive (G), Pass (H+I), Shoot (H+I), Dribble (J+K), Tackle, Trick, Other