Table 1. Administrative aspects of the motor assessment tools.
Purpose Assessment / training Age (y:m) Assessment time (min) Number of items Required equipment Raw score conversion Cost 2006*
MOT 4-6 Assesses motor developmental status at preschool age General assessment of gross and fine motor skills 4:0-6:11 15-20 18 items Test kit, stopwatch and clipboard Percentile rank, T-score, C-score, DMQ Stanine 418€
Movement ABC Identify and describe motor impairments in daily life SMD, Level measurement Evaluation of treatment (description) 4:0 - 12:0 20–30 32 items: 4 age bands (4x8 items) Test kit Clipboard and stopwatch Percentile rank Total impairment score 954€
PDMS 2 MDA and programming for young children with disabilities In-depth assessment and training or remediation of gross and fine motor skills 0:0-6:11 LV: 45-60; STV:20 – 30 249 items Test kit and additional required materials GMQ, FMQ, TMQ,Percentile, Standard scores, z-score,T-score, AE, scaled score, mean MAE 855€
KTK Assesses general dynamic balance skill Screening for children suffering from brain damage, behavioral and learning disturbances Screening gross motor skill (balance) 5:0 - 14:0 20 4 items Balance beams (6, 4.5 and 3 cm); sponge blocs (5 - 60 cm); wooden slat, 2 wooden boxes Percentile rank, Motor quotient 524€
TGMD-2 Identify children who are significantly behind their peers Identify, plan, assess changes in relation to age or experience, assess changes after intervention or instruction 3:0 - 10:0 15 – 20 12 items Masking tape, chalk, traffic cones, 10-15 cm light ball, 20-25 cm playground ball, 15-20 cm sponge ball, tennis ball, 20-25 cm plastic or slightly deflated playground ball, tape measure Percentile rank, Standard scores, age equivalent, Gross Motor Quotient 262€
MMT Objectify qualitative and quantitative aspects of movement Detection of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 5:0 – 6:11 LV: 30 SV: 7 LV: 70 items SV: 20 items Manual, instruction CD-rom, score sheets, stopwatch, plastic ball, scotch tape Percentile rank, Quality of movement 175€ + 272€ CD-rom Stand alone version
BOT-2 Identification of deficits in individual with light to moderate motor coordination problems Profile analysis to evaluate an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, Clinical validity studies on high-functioning autism/ Asperger’s Disorder, developmental coordination disorder, and mild-to moderate mental retardation 4:0 - 21:0 LF: 45 - 60 SF: 15 - 20 LF: 53 items SF: 14 items Test kit, and additional required equipment a tape measure, a stopwatch, 2 chairs, a table and a clip board Subtest and Composite scores , Total Motor Composite; Standard Score, Scale score, Percentile Ranks, Standard deviations 1352€
* VAT including, SMDScreening of motor difficulties, MDA = Motor development assessment, DMQ = Developmental Motor Quotient, GMQ = Gross Motor Quotient, FMQ = Fine Motor Quotient, TMQ = Total Motor Quotient, AE = Age Equivalent, MAE = Motor Age Equivalent