Table 2. Principal components loadings for the CMI with Varimax rotation and factor explained variance, eigenvalues and number of items.
Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4 Component 5
Item Social Embodiment Self-presentation Exploring
Physical health
I consider cycling to be a social activity (Q23) .702
Cycling allows me to spend time with others who have similar goals (Q33) .693
I enjoy socialising after/during ride at a café or similar venue (Q50) .641
Cycling allows me to feel part of a group (Q1) .636
Cycling in club/store clothes allows me to feel part of something (Q46) .616
I cycle because it is a team sport activity (Q47) .606
Cycling allows me to meet new people (45) .584
The presence of others motivates me to ride (Q25) .559
I cycle because I like receiving encouragement from peers (35) .518
My fellow cyclists share the same interests as me (Q42) .493
I can learn new techniques to help improve my cycling (Q36) .423
Cycling allows me to feel refreshed & invigorated (Q18) .691
I enjoy the feeling of exhilaration after I have ridden my bike (Q7) .626
I enjoy the sensation of moving fast whilst cycling (Q9) .539
I enjoy the simplicity of cycling (Q31) .537
Cycling gives me a strong sense of accomplishment (Q29) .521
Cycling allows me to learn new things (Q10) .516
Cycling allows me to set new goals related to my health and fitness (Q6) .489
Because cycling removes me physically from stressful environments (Q22) .471
I am confident any goal I set myself in cycling I could achieve (Q19) .463
Cycling is an activity than you can do at any age (Q30) .438
My area is a great place to cycle (Q2) .418
I get satisfaction from beating someone up a hill (Q17) .665
Cycling allows me to test myself in competition (Q4) .649
I am a competitive person (Q12) .643
I like others to think of me as being athletic (Q8) .619
I like using the technologically advanced equipment of cycling (Q20) .554
I like others to think of me as a cyclist (Q38) .529
I need to be a member of a cycling club to meet my needs (Q26) .521
Cycling allows me the opportunity to own nice gear (Q28) .413
I cycle to get to and from places (Q24) .863
I cycle because it is an efficient form of transport (Q14) .846
Cycling allows me to exercise and get to places at the same time (Q37) .802
Cycling allows me to be environmentally friendly (Q3) .691
I cycle so that I can eat whatever I like (Q11) .651
I cycle because it is less stressful on the body (Q34) .573
Cycling allows me to stay free from ‘lifestyle’ diseases (Q27) .536
I use cycling to control my weight (Q51) .522
Cycling prevents me from developing injuries (Q5) .509
Cronbach’s alpha .88 .80 .80 .87 .63
Variance explained (%) 25.64 6.78 5.56 4.91 4.28
Eigenvalues 10.00 2.64 2.17 1.91 1.70
Number of items 11 11 8 4 5