Table 5 Association between marker of cardiovascular disease (hsCRP, ICAM-1, Hsp27, and IgM antibody titres) and, physical activity, BMI, weight, height, dietary fats in gymnast and control combined.
Variables R2 P value
Serum hsCRP
PA (minutes/week) .185 .002
BMI(Kg/m2) .191 .002
BMI, PA (minutes/week) .290 .001
Serum ICAM-1
PA (minutes/week) .102 .02
Weight (Kg) .205 .001
Serum Hsp27
SFA .148 .03
SFA, Height (m) .213 .001
SFA, PUFA .482 .001
Serum Hsp27 IgM titres
PUFAs .111 .02
Independent variable entered into the regression equation as variables SFA, MUFA, PUFA, PA, BMI, weight, and height; (ANOVA). PA, physical activity; BMI, body mass index: SFA, saturated fatty acid; PUFAs, polyunsaturated fatty acid