Table 2 Summary of the results of Effect Size (ES) analyses for maximal linear and angular kinematic data during the forward throw phase. Data is summarized so that only comparisons that recorded Large or Very Large (Hopkins 2002) ES are listed, with those that recorded Trivial, Small or Medium ES values left blank.
Variable Comparison by Thrower Comparison by Length
T1-T2 T1-T3 T2-T3 Front-Middle Front-Back Middle-Back
Linear velocities
     CoMy VL -VL* -VL -VL -VL
     CoMz L VL VL -L
Angular velocities
     Ankle plantar flexion -VL -VL -VL -VL -VL
     Knee extension VL VL -VL -VL
     Hip extension -VL -VL -L
     Pelvic rotation -L VL VL L
     Trunk flexion VL
     Upper trunk rotation
     Shoulder extension -VL VL -L
     Shoulder adduction -L L
     Elbow extension VL VL VL -VL -L
L = Large, VL = Very Large.
Negative values indicate that the first group is smaller than the second (e.g. the values for T2 are small than for T3)