Table 3 The value of Spearman’s correlation coefficients illustrating the relationships between temporal parameters of dolphin-kick and flutter-kick with fins and 100m individual medley the parameters of assessment of the technical skill in lifesaving (approach the victim and tow) and in competitive swimming (evaluation of the four swimming strokes).
Time Evaluation score
Absolute value Flutter-k.
tow – Dolphin-k. tow
100m individual
Four swimming
strokes (average)
Time Flutter kick. Tow x
Dolphin-kick. Tow x 0.66 0.78
Absolute value Flutter-k.
tow – Dolphin-k. tow
0.66 x 0.65 -0.54
100m individual medley 0.78 0.65 x -0.49
Four swimming strokes (average) -0.54 -0.49 x
Critical value of correlation coefficient (n =16) r* = 0.497 (p < 0.05).