Table 1. SS protocol
Front deltoid and pectoral stretch. From a standing position subjects positioned the arm horizontally abducted with the palm flat against a wall. To begin the stretch, they turned their body away from the arm on the wall, and kept a slight bend in their elbow throughout the stretch.
Side deltoid stretch. From a standing position subjects held the left arm horizontally across the chest, grasped the elbow with the right hand and pushed it toward chest.
Triceps and side-bend stretch. From a standing position, subjects brought the right arm overhead with the elbow bent. Then with their left hand they grasped the right elbow and gently pulled as they bent slightly toward the left side.
Adductor stretch. Subjects stood with their feet as wide apart as is comfortable. Relying with their hands on the floor they flexed the left knee keeping the right leg straight.
Modified hurdlers stretch. From a seated position subjects extended their left leg straight and placed the right leg on the inside of the straight leg. Then they bent forward with the back flat.
Quadriceps wall stretch. From a standing position near a wall for support, subjects bent one knee and brought heel towards buttocks, holding the foot with one hand.
Calf stretch. From a standing position facing a wall, subjects placed their hands on the wall at chest level. They put the left foot slightly behind them, keeping heel on the floor. Then they leaned forward bending slightly the right knee and keeping the left leg straight with the heel on the floor.