Table 2. DS protocol
Side/front arm crossover. Subjects swung both arms out to their sides and then crossed them in front of their chest, while moving forward.
Walking lunge with rotation. Subjects took a big step forward and at the same time rotated their arms horizontally.
Triceps and side-bend stretch. Subjects brought the right arm overhead with the elbow bent and bent slightly toward the left side.
Lateral shuffle. Subjects moved laterally without crossing feet.
Frankenstein walks. Subjects are walking with both hands extended in front of the body, palms down. They kick with the extended leg towards hands.
Heel-ups. Subjects kicked heels towards buttocks while moving forward.
Inch worms (hand walk). Starting position push-ups. Keeping legs extended they walk towards hands, and then they walk hands forward while keeping limbs extended (6 repetitions).
Modified shuttle run. Subjects run to the opposite line at a moderate pace (50% maximum speed), bend to touch the line, and return back gradually accelerating (75%) and touch the starting line. After touching the starting line, they run to the opposite line accelerating to near maximum speed (90%), touch the line and return back to the starting line walking.