Table 2. Thematic structure of the influence of the social environment on athlete self-report measure (ASRM) implementation
Higher order theme Lower order theme Representative meaning unit Number of interviewees Total meaning units
Athlete (n=8) Coach (n=7) SSMS (n=15)
Athlete buy-in Education The data we put in will be more valuable if we understand what the benefits will be and what they are trying to get out of it. (A04) 1 2 7 11
…some of the value in diaries is collecting them over a long long time…that’s sometimes harder to sell because people want instant gratification for effort (S03)
Feedback …if they think that no-ones looking at it then they’ll just give dummy responses. (S04) 6 4 15 88
When introduced My thinking is that younger athletes…should be encouraged to be filling in diaries straight away so it becomes the norm not “this is all hard work”. (C03) 0 2 2 5
Staff buy-in SSMS buy-in …it’s really necessary to have everyone working with the sport supporting and following the benefits of the system (S12) 0 0 2 2
Coach buy-in …if it doesn’t have a reinforcement from the coaches [compliance] tends to fall away. (S07) 4 1 12 24
…within a team sport it is very much a coach-driven thing…then as a dictatorship, the coach can demand that it be done or there be ramifications to the athlete (S14)
Key staff-member …you do need a couple of key drivers...instilling that everyone’s got some individual obligation (S13) 3 1 8 19
…because the interpretation of one person to another person could be completely different, so you’ve got to control how [the data] is used and who says what to the athlete (S07)
Peer-influence …people stop [completing their ASRM] and then everyone stops doing it and it stops completely (A03) 1 0 3 5
Reminders I do remind them at probably two or three times a week I ask them why they haven’t filled it out (S07) 1 6 11 24
Reinforcement …we’ve included both carrot and stick in ways of trying to get them to do it (C06) 7 7 12 45
…sometimes the athlete may want to hide something that’s going on,… they might not want the coach to know…or worried they are going to get punished for it (S08)
Data security …some of them feel it reflects an invasiveness in to their privacy (S14) 1 1 6 11
…their data is pretty much open to anyone that’s got access, so maybe that is something [to address], the security side so the athletes feel confident that if they really want to write some stuff in there they can. (C03)
The number of interviewees and total number of meaning units contributing to each lower-order theme are presented. Participant code follows each meaning unit. SSMS=Sports Science and Medicine Staff.