Table 1. Description of the sequence “To check the material during preparation”.
Representamen Action Units Interpretant
René Completeness of secondary material Gathers materials (gloves, helmet, altimeters) All is OK
Tightness of the three straps and presence of the wrists Puts parachute on his back and checks straps and wrists Feels calm
Laurent Gathering the material Manipulates material All is OK
Readiness of the material, tightness of the straps Checks straps, wrists, altimeters, helmet and puts parachute on back Feels calm and safe
Bertrand Tightness of the straps, readiness of the parachute wrists Puts parachute on his back, tightens the three straps and checks the wrists No problem
Completeness of material Gathers the secondary scattered material Feels relaxed
Eric Tightness of the straps, readiness of the position of the wingsuit Dons the wingsuit and harness, tightens the leg straps, closes the zipper and tightens breast straps Concentrates and feels calm
Completeness of secondary material Takes helmet and altimeters, puts glasses around his neck Feels completely calm