Table 3. Description of the sequence “To use the time of freefall”.
Representamen Action Units Interpretant
René Level of other jumpers Tries to slow down the speed of the fall Understands that he is too far from the other jumpers
Level of Laurent Waits a moment expecting a grip with Laurent Wishes Laurent would understand what he expects
Beep of the altisound Signals the end of work Disappointment for the failed grip
Laurent Feeling of freedom Uses the opportunity of the freefall Confidence in relation of the normality of the jump
Level of the other jumpers Understands that René would like to grip, tries to get closer The collective jump is also great
Beep of the altisound Sees René’s signal Enjoyment of the jump
Bertrand Altitude of a jumper Moves under him, accelerates and comes back next to this jumper Careful of the movement and the others
Distance and speed of the other jumpers Extends his hand Confirms the rightness and normality of the unfolding situation
Beep of the altisound Shares a big smile and leaves the hand Happiness
Eric Sensation of balance of his body in the air Takes a sit flying position Confirms that the basic position is mastered
Sensation of increasing speed Straightens up Careful about balance, enjoying
Laurent’s position and speed Comes closer to Laurent Careful about balance, enjoying