Table 1. Descriptions of CAPO kids exercise activities.
Activity Description
Hops Single-leg take off, followed by a single-leg landing on the same side
Hops plus martelo Single-leg take off, followed by a single-leg landing on the same side, performing a push kick with hanging foot, with the ankle extended (martelo), and returning to the ginga position
Tuck-jumps Double-leg jump, with hips and knees flexed during flight, bringing the knees into close proximity to the chest, and arms momentarily holding the knees when they reach the chest
360-jumps Double-leg jump, whereby the body is rotated 360 degrees to either the left or right before landing
Star jumps With feet together, jumping and positioning legs apart, at the same time the arms go up touching the hands above the head, and returning to the initial position, repetitively
Jump-Lunges Taking a large step forward so that the knee is flexed to 90 degrees as a start position, jumping while swapping legs, returning to start position with the opposite leg
Ginga Feet positioned shoulder-width apart, and then one foot is placed behind on the ball of the foot (ginga position). The back foot returns to the initial position, and the other is placed back, imagining that a triangle is being drawn on the floor with the feet – the whole movement is called ginga
Handstands From ginga position, the hands are placed on the ground shoulder-width apart and the legs kick up, together, open or with one leg forwards
Cartwheels Traditional movement, but performed slowly and with arms and legs slightly flexed
Jump plus martelo Starts from the ginga position. After a jump on the ginga position, a push kick is performed with the back foot, with the ankle extended before returning to the ginga position (martelo).
Running Running fast on the spot