Table 1. Scoring protocols for the AFL’s kicking and handball tests.
Points Rating Kicking Test Handball Test
5 Excellent Target didn’t move & ball travelled quickly with low trajectory & perfect spin. Clean take, quick execution with perfect spin & target not moving receiving ball at chest height
4 Very Good Target receives within one step of the cone, low trajectory & good spin. Clean take, quick execution and good spin with target moving slightly to receive
3 Effective Target receives with a foot inside circle, good trajectory & spin. Clean take, satisfactory execution with target able to take the ball after moving
2 Ineffective Target had to leave circle to mark ball, good trajectory & spin. Fumble but recovers to reach target with good technique
1 Poor Target unable to mark football, poor trajectory & spin. Fumbles and gets ball to target with poor technique
0 Fail Misses target or delivers to wrong target. Fumbles and misses the target completely