Table 3. Description of data extracted from each article regarding functional transference, in relation to subtopics: type of intervention, sample, gender, age, experience time, type of study, outcomes, main results and PEDro scale score (0-8).
Reference Intervention Sample
Gender Age
Type of study Outcomes Main findings PEDro
Contreras et al. (2017) Barbell hip thrust (HT) versus front squat (FS) 24 Male HT:15.49±1.16
Adolescent rugby and rowing athletes with a minimum of 1 year experience Chronic
(6 weeks)
Sprints of 10 and 20 meters; Vertical and horizontal jumps; Isometric mid-thigh test Hip thrust presented better ES for sprints of 10 and 20 meters and isometric half-thigh test 8
Dello Iacono et al. (2018) Barbell hip thrust 50%RM versus 85%RM 18 Male 19.8±0.3 Elite handball players with 2.6 ± 0.8 years of experience Acute 10 and 15 meters sprint time Both strategies statistically reduce the time in the measured distances 7
Bishop et al. (2017) Barbell hip thrust versus control 21 Male and female Intervention group: 27.36±3.17
Control group: 27.2±3.36
University athletes with at least 1 year of experience Chronic
(8 weeks)
40 meters sprint time The hip thrust did not shorten the time on the benchmark test 7
Zweifel et al. (2017) Barbell hip thrust versus back squat e deadlift 26 Male and female 22.15±2.2 Not quoted Chronic
(6 weeks)
10 and 40-yard sprint Hip thrust reduced the time of the 40-yard sprint 6
Lin et al. (2017) Barbell hip thrust versus control 20 Male Hip thrust: 19.9±0.8
Control: 20.4±2.1
College baseball players with at least 1 year of experience Chronic
(8 weeks)
Horizontal jump;
Sprint 30 meters
No significant difference reported 7
Loturco et al. (2018) Barbell hip thrust versus vertical exercises 16 Male and female 21.8±3.0 World-class athletes Acute Vertical jump;
Sprints of 10, 20, 40, 60, 100 and 150 meters
Performance in the hip thrust was associated with the Maximum acceleration phase 7
Dello Iacono e Seitz (2018) Barbell hip thrusts 85%RM versus optimal power loads 18 Male 19.3±0.2 Professional soccer players with 2.1 ± 0.3 years of experience Acute 5, 10 e 20 meters sprints Both loads tested improved the test time, with the maximum power development load being even more efficient. 7
Williams et al. (2018) Barbell hip thrust versus back squat and split squat 12 Male 25.0±4.0 4.0±1.0 Acute Maximum sprints on the non-motorized treadmill;
A horizontal and vertical force
Sprint peak velocity correlated with horizontal force and peak ground reaction force only in hip thrust exercise 7