Table 3. Results.
Higher-Order Theme Lower-Order Theme Example quote used in codebook CSS Player Total
Clarity of Purpose Coach Rationale “I think I’d heard of other teams using it and it was a good factor to help prevent injury, that was one of the reasons I did it” – C010 11 n/a 26
Staff Understanding “Management, probably…were probably a little bit slower on it because they initially didn’t really see what they were going to get back out of it” – C004 8 1 11
Player Understanding “It’s like you know, someone else has it so we have to have it as well” – P002 n/a 8 13
Implementation Strategies Introduction “We spoke to them briefly on [the M-ASRM]” – C003 6 7 16
Reinforcement “We had about four meetings [on the M-ASRM] and then we were able to pick out the individuals and say ‘hey, how come you’re not using it?’” – C008 2 4 7
Players Perceptions of M-ASRM Use “I think management had access, but I don’t know if they were actually going into it that often” – P006“We didn’t use it to its full potential” – P009 n/a 10 45
Perceived Facilitators Education “I think if they’re educated on the information and know how it can be used to make you a better player, I think they might buy into it more” – C005 9 6 29
Feedback “I suppose knowing that there was someone at the other end of it made me over the next few days make sure I filled it in properly” – P001 8 8 32
Multiple Season Use “[The M-ASRM] was better this year than it was last year coz we’re more familiar with it” – P008 6 1 9
Buy-In & Team Culture “I was keeping up to date with reporting it to [the head coach] and the backroom staff so then [players] bought into it… them seeing [the head coach] buying into it was half the battle.” – C006 7 1 14
Applied Importance “[Players] were actually seeing [the M-ASRM] as a core, as an integral part of what they were doing” – C005 2 1 4