Table 2. The exercises performed throughout the intervention. The numbers represent the number of the rungs, with 1 being the lowest one on the board. All exercises started with both hands on rung number 1 and ended with both hands on the same top rung. The difference between rungs was 13 centimeters.
Order Exercise Description
1 1-4-7-10 Start with both hands on rung 1. Pull through each move and match hands on rung number 10.
2 Ladder Keep one hand on the start rung and move the other hand up one rung at the time until max reach and reverse until the hands are matched on rung 1.
3 1-2-3 Move ca. 75% of max reach with one hand, then pull through as far as possible with the other hand. Follow with the first hand and match the top.
4 10 RM Perform 10 consecutive moves of self-selected length so that the 10th move is near exhaustion.
Note: The group that trained twice per week performed all the exercises within one session, while the group that trained four times per week alternated between exercises 1 and 2, and 3 and 4.