Table 2. Questions and corresponding response options used to obtain data on background variables.
Dimension assessed Question Response options
Age What is your age? Age in years
Gender What is your gender? ”Male”, “Female”, or “I am gender-neutral”
Body weight What is your current body weight in kilograms (kg)? Body weight in kg
Body height What is your body height in centimeters (cm)? Body height in cm
Smoking Do you currently smoke? “Yes” or “no”
Educational level What is the highest grade or level of school you have completed? "Primary school or high school", "college/university <4 years", "college/university >4 years", or "other education"
Total household income Which of these categories best describes your total combined family income for your household for the past 12 months? “Below $59 999", "between $59 999-99 999", "over $100 000", or "I do not want to answer"
Cohabitation What is your current marital status? “Single without children”, “single with children”, “married or domestic partnership without children”, “married with children”, or “other”
Occupation What is your currently employment status? “Employed in public administration, private company or self-employed”, “student or a trainee”, “unable to work, out of work or looking for work”, “retired”, or “other”
General health In general, how would you rate your health today? “Excellent”, “good”, “moderate”, “fair”, or “poor”