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June 2005 - Volume 04, Issue 2
Table of Contents
Research article
A Comparison of Upper-Extremity Reaction Forces between the Yurchenko Vault and Floor Exercise
Matthew K. Seeley, Eadric Bressel
2005, 04(2), 85-94

Research article
Reliability and Validity Testing of an Archery Chronometer
Hayri Ertan, Behzat B. Kentel, S. Turgut Tümer, Feza Korkusuz
2005, 04(2), 95-104

Research article
A Pilot Study Comparing Two Field Tests with the Treadmill Run Test in Soccer Players
Abdul Rashid Aziz, Frankie H. Y. Tan, Kong Chuan Teh
2005, 04(2), 105-112

Research article
Coaching in Northern Canadian Communities: Reflections of Elite Coaches
Alain P. Gauthier, Robert J. Schinke, Pat Pickard
2005, 04(2), 113-123

Research article
Spinal Cord Injury and Contractile Properties of the Human Tibialis Anterior
Sabine R. Krieger, David J. Pierotti, J. Richard. Coast
2005, 04(2), 124-133

Research article
Starting Block Performance in Sprinters: A Statistical Method for Identifying Discriminative Parameters of the Performance and an Analysis of the Effect of Providing Feedback over a 6-Week Period
Sylvie Fortier, Fabien A. Basset, Ginette A. Mbourou, Jérôme Favérial, Normand Teasdale
2005, 04(2), 134-143

Research article
Kinetic Consequences of Constraining Running Behavior
John A. Mercer, Neil E. Bezodis, Mike Russell, Andy Purdy, David DeLion
2005, 04(2), 144-152

Research article
Comparison of Unilateral Squat Strength Between the Dominant and Non-Dominant Leg in Men and Women
Kevin McCurdy, George Langford
2005, 04(2), 153-159

Research article
Muscle Fiber Specific Antioxidative System Adaptation to Swim Training in Rats: Influence of Intermittent Hypoxia
Olga Gonchar
2005, 04(2), 160-169

Research article
A Rapid Up-Regulation in UCP3 Transcriptional Activity in Response to Moderate Intensity Exercise in Rat Skeletal Muscle
Keiko Kusuhara, Takashi Tobe, Takaharu Negoro, Takashi Abe
2005, 04(2), 170-178

Research article
Plasma Volume Expansion 24-Hours Post-Exercise: Effect of Doubling the Volume of Replacement Fluid
Bartholomew Kay, Brendan J. O’Brien, Nicholas D. Gill
2005, 04(2), 179-184

Research article
Myocardial Performance and Aortic Elastic Properties in Elite Basketball and Soccer Players: Relationship with Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity
Bedrettin Akova, Dilek Yesilbursa, Ufuk Sekir, Hakan Gür, Akin Serdar
2005, 04(2), 185-194

Research article
Preferred Modality Influences on Exercise-Induced Mood Changes
Andrew M. Lane, Andrew Jackson, Peter C. Terry
2005, 04(2), 195-200

Case report
First Rib Stress Fracture in a Sidearm Baseball Pitcher: A Case Report
Takeshi Sakata, Yasunobu Kimura, Toshiko Hida
2005, 04(2), 201-207

Letter to editor
Breathing 100% O2 has no Effect on Blood Lactate Concentration During a Short Passive Recovery from Exhaustive Exercise
Bartholomew Kay, Hayden Walker, Dominic Barnao, Iain Graham, Stephen Stannard, R. Hugh Morton
2005, 04(2), 208-210

Letter to editor
Audit of Injuries in a Premiership Football Squad over a Five-Year Period
Aslam Chougle, Phil D. Batty, John P. Hodgkinson
2005, 04(2), 211-213

Book review
Dennis J. Caine and Nicola Maffulli
2005, 04(2), 214

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