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Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine covers all aspects of sports medicine and sciences the management of sports injuries; all clinical aspects of exercise, health, and sport; exercise physiology and biophysical investigation of sports performance; sport biomechanics; sports nutrition; sports psychology; and medical and scientific support of the sports coach. The JSSM does not accept descriptive studies or data reports.
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September 2022 - Volume 21, Issue 3, Table of Contents Current Issue
Research article
Effects of Changing Center of Pressure Position on Knee and Ankle Extensor Moments During Double-Leg Squatting
Tomoya Ishida, Mina Samukawa, Daisuke Endo, Satoshi Kasahara, Harukazu Tohyama
2022, 21(3), 341-346 DOI:

Research article
The Effects of Standardised versus Individualised Aerobic Exercise Prescription on Fitness-Fatness Index in Sedentary Adults: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Michael J. Kirton, Mitchel T. Burnley, Joyce S. Ramos, Ryan Weatherwax, Lance C. Dalleck
2022, 21(3), 347-355 DOI:

Research article
Are Wrist-Worn Activity Trackers and Mobile Applications Valid for Assessing Physical Activity in High School Students? Wearfit Study
Jesús Viciana, Carolina Casado-Robles, Santiago Guijarro-Romero, Daniel Mayorga-Vega
2022, 21(3), 356-375 DOI:

Research article
Comparison of The Effect of High- and Low-Frequency Vibration Foam Rolling on The Quadriceps Muscle
Masatoshi Nakamura, Kazuki Kasahara, Riku Yoshida, Yuta Murakami, Ryoma Koizumi, Shigeru Sato, Kosuke Takeuchi, Satoru Nishishita, Xin Ye, Andreas Konrad
2022, 21(3), 376-382 DOI:

Research article
Tackle Technique and Changes in Playerload™ During a Simulated Tackle: An Exploratory Study
Lara Paul, Demi Davidow, Gwyneth James, Tayla Ross, Mike Lambert, Nicholas Burger, Ben Jones, Gordon Rennie, Sharief Hendricks
2022, 21(3), 383-393 DOI:

Research article
Reducing Knee Joint Load during a Golf Swing: The Effects of Ball Position Modification at Address
Sung Eun Kim
2022, 21(3), 394-401 DOI:

Research article
Backstroke-to-Breaststroke Turns Muscular Activity. A Study Conducted in Age Group Swimmers
Phornpot Chainok, Jessy Lauer, Pedro Gonçalves, Karla de Jesus, Ricardo J. Fernandes, Joao Paulo Vilas-Boas
2022, 21(3), 402-412 DOI:

Research article
Reactive-Agility in Touch Plays an Important Role in Elite Playing Level: Reliability and Validity of a Newly Developed Repeated Up-and-Down Agility Test
Chi-Ching Gary Chow, Yu-Hin Kong, Chi-Ling Wong
2022, 21(3), 413-418 DOI:

Research article
Effects of Maximal Eccentric Exercise on Deep Fascia Stiffness of the Knee Flexors: A Pilot Study using Shear-Wave Elastography
Jan Wilke, Carsten Schwiete, Michael Behringer
2022, 21(3), 419-425 DOI:

Research article
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing with Elastic Resistance: A New Reproducible Proposal for Determination of Ventilatory Thresholds and Maximum Oxygen Consumption
Victor H. Gasparini Neto, Leticia N. Santos Neves, Carlos A. Kalva-Filho, Paulo A. Schwingel, Richard D. Leite, Luciana Carletti
2022, 21(3), 426-434 DOI:

Case report
The Influence of Trunk Impairment Level on the Kinematic Characteristics of Alpine Sit-Skiing: A Case Study of Paralympic Medalists
Yusuke Ishige, Yuki Inaba, Noriko Hakamada, Shinsuke Yoshioka
2022, 21(3), 435-445 DOI:

Research article
Neurophysiological Markers for Monitoring Exercise and Recovery Cycles in Endurance Sports
Thomas Reichel, Sebastian Hacker, Jana Palmowski, Tim Konstantin Boßlau, Torsten Frech, Paulos Tirekoglou, Christopher Weyh, Evita Bothur, Stefan Samel, Rüdiger Walscheid, Karsten Krüger
2022, 21(3), 446-457 DOI:

Research article
Impact of Sudden Rule Changes on Player Injuries and Performance: Insights from Australian Football
Christopher Wing, Nicolas H. Hart, Fadi Ma’ayah, Kazunori Nosaka
2022, 21(3), 458-464 DOI:

Research article
Spike Arm Swing Techniques of Olympics Male and Female Elite Volleyball Players (1984-2021)
George Giatsis, Markus Tilp
2022, 21(3), 465-472 DOI:

Research article
Differences in Sports Injury Types According to Taekwondo Athlete Types (Sparring, Poomsae, and Demonstration)
Guyeol Jeong, Buongo Chun
2022, 21(3), 473-481 DOI:

Letter to editor
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Solutions to the Physical Fitness Challenge
Hassane Zouhal, Benjamin Barthélémy, Alexandre Dellal, Sghaeir Zouita, Abderraouf Ben Abderrahman, Omar Ben Ounis, Claire Tourny, Ali Belamjahad, Said Ahmaidi, Thierry Paillard, Nicolas Dyon, Benoit Bideau, Ayoub Saeidi, Jason Moran, Anis Chaouachi, George P. Nassis, Christopher Carling, Urs Granacher, Guillaume Ravé
2022, 21(3), 482-486 DOI:


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In Press
Research article
Passive Muscle Stiffness of Biceps Femoris is Acutely Reduced after Eccentric Knee Flexion
Lei Zhi, Naokazu Miyamoto, Hisashi Naito
2022, 21(4), 487-492 DOI:

Research article
Side-To-Side Difference in Electromyographic Activity of Abdominal Muscles during Asymmetric Exercises
Raki Kawama, Akira Ike, Ai Soma, Tatsuya Hojo, Taku Wakahara
2022, 21(4), 493-503 DOI:

Research article
Muscle Architectural and Force-Velocity Curve Adaptations following 10 Weeks of Training with Weightlifting Catching and Pulling Derivatives
Timothy J. Suchomel, Shana M. McKeever, Justin D. Nolen, Paul Comfort
2022, 21(4), 504-516 DOI:

Research article
A Visible Analysis Approach for Table Tennis Tactical Benefit
Zheng Zhou, Hui Zhang
2022, 21(4), 517-527 DOI:

Research article
Acute Effects of Different Intensity and Duration of Static Stretching on the Muscle-Tendon Unit Stiffness of the Hamstrings
Kosuke Takeuchi, Kazunori Akizuki, Masatoshi Nakamura
2022, 21(4), 528-535 DOI:

Research article
Changes in Muscle Shear Modulus and Urinary Titin N-Terminal Fragment after Eccentric Exercise
Takayuki Inami, Shota Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki Ishida, Naohiko Kohtake, Akihisa Morito, Satoshi Yamada, Masatsugu Shimomasuda, Maki Haramoto, Naoya Nagata, Mitsuyoshi Murayama
2022, 21(4), 536-544 DOI:

Research article
The Effects of a Single Session of High Intensity Functional Training on Energy Expenditure, VO2, and Blood Lactate
Leslie E. Smith, Gary P. Van Guilder, Lance C. Dalleck, Nigel K. Harris
2022, 21(4), 545-554 DOI:

Review article
A Systematic Review of the Effects of Strength and Power Training on Performance in Cross-Country Skiers
Thomas Stöggl, Hans-Christer Holmberg
2022, 21(4), 555-579 DOI:

Research article
Comparison of the Prolonged Effects of Foam Rolling and Vibration Foam Rolling Interventions on Passive Properties of Knee Extensors
Kazuki Kasahara, Andreas Konrad, Riku Yoshida, Yuta Murakami, Ryoma Koizumi, Sigeru Sato, Xin Ye, Ewan Thomas, Masatoshi Nakamura
2022, 21(4), 580-585 DOI:

Research article
Upper Extremity Muscle Activation during Drive Volley and Groundstroke for Two-Handed Backhand of Female Tennis Players
Mu-Lin Tai, Chun-Ju Yang, Wen-Tzu Tang, Bruce Elliott, Kai-Lung Chang
2022, 21(4), 586-594 DOI:

Research article
The Sprint-Interval Exercise Using a Spinning Bike Improves Physical Fitness and Ameliorates Primary Dysmenorrhea Symptoms Through Hormone and Inflammation Modulations: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Wen-Ching Huang, Pei Chi Chiu, Chi Hong Ho
2022, 21(4), 595-607 DOI:

Research article
Effects of Speed and Amplitude of Dynamic Stretching on the Flexibility and Strength of the Hamstrings
Kosuke Takeuchi, Masatoshi Nakamura, Shingo Matsuo, Kazunori Akizuki, Takamasa Mizuno
2022, 21(4), 608-615 DOI:

Research article
Resistance Exercise-Induced Increases in Muscle Myostatin mRNA and Protein Expression Are Subsequently Decreased in Circulation in the Presence of Increased Levels of the Extracellular Matrix Stabilizing Protein Decorin
Darryn S. Willoughby, Thomas D. Cardaci, Steven B. Machek, Dylan T. Wilburn, Jeffery L. Heileson
2022, 21(4), 616-624 DOI:

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