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  Hakan Gür, MD, PhD
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Department of Sports Medicine
Medical Faculty of Uludag University
16059 Bursa Turkey.

Tel: +90 (224) 295 35 00
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December 2020 - Volume 19, Issue 4, Table of Contents Current Issue
Research article
Influence of Altered Knee Angle and Muscular Contraction Type on Electromyographic Activity of Hamstring Muscles during 45° Hip Extension Exercise
Taspol Keerasomboon, Shinshiro Mineta, Norikazu Hirose
2020, 19(4), 630-636

Research article
Kinematic Comparisons of the Shakehand and Penhold Grips in Table Tennis Forehand and Backhand Strokes when Returning Topspin and Backspin Balls
Rui Xia, Boyi Dai, Weijie Fu, Nan Gu, Yigang Wu
2020, 19(4), 637-644

Research article
A Comparison of Muscle Activation between Barbell Bench Press and Dumbbell Flyes in Resistance-Trained Males
Tom Erik Solstad, Vidar Andersen, Matthew Shaw, Erlend Mogstad Hoel, Andreas Vonheim, Atle Hole Saeterbakken
2020, 19(4), 645-651

Research article
The Contribution of Gaelic Football Participation to Youth Physical Activity Levels
Kevin W. Gavin, Aoife Lane, Kieran P. Dowd
2020, 19(4), 652-661

Research article
Postural Stability and Muscle Activation Onset during Double- to Single-Leg Stance Transition in Flat-Footed Individuals
Yuta Koshino, Mina Samukawa, Shuya Chida, Shinpei Okada, Hirono Tanaka, Kentaro Watanabe, Masato Chijimatsu, Masanori Yamanaka, Harukazu Tohyama
2020, 19(4), 662-669

Review article
CrossFit® Training Strategies from the Perspective of Concurrent Training: A Systematic Review
Petr Schlegel
2020, 19(4), 670-680

Research article
Effects of Tissue Flossing and Dynamic Stretching on Hamstring Muscles Function
Hiroaki Kaneda, Naonobu Takahira, Kouji Tsuda, Kiyoshi Tozaki, Sho Kudo, Yoshiki Takahashi, Shuichi Sasaki, Tomonori Kenmoku
2020, 19(4), 681-689

Research article
The Acute Effects of a Percussive Massage Treatment with a Hypervolt Device on Plantar Flexor Muscles’ Range of Motion and Performance
Andreas Konrad, Christoph Glashüttner, Marina Maren Reiner, Daniel Bernsteiner, Markus Tilp
2020, 19(4), 690-694

Research article
Beneficial Effects of Yoga Stretching on Salivary Stress Hormones and Parasympathetic Nerve Activity
Nobuhiko Eda, Hironaga Ito, Takao Akama
2020, 19(4), 695-702

Research article
Effects of Accentuated Eccentric Training vs Plyometric Training on Performance of Young Elite Fencers
Alessandra di Cagno, Enzo Iuliano, Andrea Buonsenso, Arrigo Giombini, Giulia Di Martino, Attilio Parisi, Giuseppe Calcagno, Giovanni Fiorilli
2020, 19(4), 703-713

Research article
Warm-Up Intensity and Time Course Effects on Jump Performance
Ryo Tsurubami, Kensuke Oba, Mina Samukawa, Kazuki Takizawa, Itaru Chiba, Masanori Yamanaka, Harukazu Tohyama
2020, 19(4), 714-720

Research article
Muscle Size and Strength of the Lower Body in Supervised and in Combined Supervised and Unsupervised Low-Load Resistance Training
Hayao Ozaki, Shuji Sawada, Takuya Osawa, Toshiharu Natsume, Toshinori Yoshihara, Pengyu Deng, Shuichi Machida, Hisashi Naito
2020, 19(4), 721-726

Research article
Start and Turn Performances of Competitive Swimmers in Sprint Butterfly Swimming
Tomohiro Gonjo, Bjørn Harald Olstad
2020, 19(4), 727-734

Research article
Adding the Load Just Above Sticking Point Using Elastic Bands Optimizes Squat Performance, Perceived Effort Rate, and Cardiovascular Responses
Javier Gene-Morales, Andrés Gené-Sampedro, Rosario Salvador, Juan C. Colado
2020, 19(4), 735-744

Research article
Inter-Limb Asymmetries in Volleyball Players: Differences between Testing Approaches and Association with Performance
Žiga Kozinc, Nejc Šarabon
2020, 19(4), 745-752

Research article
Acute Effect of Brief Mindfulness-Based Intervention Coupled with Fluid Intake on Athletes’ Cognitive Function
Yuxin Zhu, Fenghua Sun, Chunxiao Li, Daniel H. K. Chow, Kangle Wang
2020, 19(4), 753-760

Research article
Similar Recovery of Maximal Cycling Performance after Ischemic Preconditioning, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation or Active Recovery in Endurance Athletes
Pénélope Paradis-Deschênes, Julien Lapointe, Denis R. Joanisse, François Billaut
2020, 19(4), 761-771

Letter to editor
Training Load Influences the Response to Inspiratory Muscle Training
Ren-Jay Shei
2020, 19(4), 772-773

Guest Reviewers, Volume 19, 2020

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In Press
Research article
Effect of Mindfulness Training on Fatigue and Recovery in Elite Volleyball Athletes: A Randomized Controlled Follow-Up Study
Danilo R. Coimbra, Guilherme G. Bevilacqua, Fabiano S. Pereira, Alexandro Andrade
2021, 20(1), 1-8

Research article
Influence of the Coach’s Method and Leadership Profile on the Positive Development of Young Players in Team Sports
Luis Rogério de Albuquerque, Eduardo Mendonça Scheeren, Gislaine Cristina Vagetti, Valdomiro de Oliveira
2021, 20(1), 9-16

Research article
Acute and Prolonged Effects of Stretching on Shear Modulus of the Pectoralis Minor Muscle
Jun Umehara, Masatoshi Nakamura, Junya Saeki, Hiroki Tanaka, Ko Yanase, Kosuke Fujita, Momoko Yamagata, Noriaki Ichihashi
2021, 20(1), 17-25

Research article
A Mixed-Method Approach of Pre-Cooling Enhances High-Intensity Running Performance in the Heat
Minxiao Xu, Zhaozhao Wu, Yanan Dong, Chaoyi Qu, Yaoduo Xu, Fei Qin, Zhongwei Wang, George P. Nassis, Jiexiu Zhao
2021, 20(1), 26-34

Research article
Stay True to Your Workout: Does Repeated Physical Testing Boost Exercise Attendance? A One-Year Follow-Up Study
Christina Gjestvang, Trine Stensrud, Gøran Paulsen, Lene A. H. Haakstad
2021, 20(1), 35-44

Research article
Short-Term Perceptually Regulated Interval-Walk Training in Hypoxia and Normoxia in Overweight-to-Obese Adults
Liam Hobbins, Steve Hunter, Nadia Gaoua, Olivier Girard
2021, 20(1), 45-51

Case report
Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum in an Adolescent Soccer Player
Akinori Kobayakawa, Hideki Hiraiwa, Shinya Ishizuka, Satoshi Yamashita, Hiroki Oba, Yusuke Kawamura, Takefumi Sakaguchi, Masaru Idota, Takahiro Haga, Takafumi Mizuno, Itaru Kawashima, Kanae Kuriyama, Shiro Imagama
2021, 20(1), 52-55

Research article
Electromyographic Comparison of Five Lower-Limb Muscles between Single- and Multi-Joint Exercises among Trained Men
Nicolay Stien, Atle Hole Saeterbakken, Vidar Andersen
2021, 20(1), 56-61

Research article
The Acute and Prolonged Effects of Different Durations of Foam Rolling on Range of Motion, Muscle Stiffness, and Muscle Strength
Masatoshi Nakamura, Remi Onuma, Ryosuke Kiyono, Koki Yasaka, Shigeru Sato, Kaoru Yahata, Taizan Fukaya, Andreas Konrad
2021, 20(1), 62-68

Research article
Head Cooling Prior to Exercise in the Heat Does Not Improve Cognitive Performance
Nur Shakila Mazalan, Grant Justin Landers, Karen Elizabeth Wallman, Ullrich Ecker
2021, 20(1), 69-76

Research article
Effects of Physical Activity and Counselling Interventions on Health Outcomes among Working Women in Shanghai
Hongying Wang, Tao Zhang, Miaomiao Lu, YuXuan Zeng, Yi Xiao, Xiaoling Ren, Pei Zhang
2021, 20(1), 77-85

Research article
Guided Active Play Promotes Physical Activity and Improves Fundamental Motor Skills for School-Aged Children
Asal Moghaddaszadeh, Angelo N. Belcastro
2021, 20(1), 86-93

Research article
The Association of Baseball Pitch Delivery and Kinematic Sequence on Stresses at the Shoulder and Elbow Joints
Donna Moxley Scarborough, Nicholas K. Leonard, Lucas W. Mayer, Luke S. Oh, Eric M. Berkson
2021, 20(1), 94-100

Research article
Minimal Agreement between Internal and External Training Load Metrics across a 2-wk Training Microcycle in Elite Squash
Carl James, Aishwar Dhawan, Timothy Jones, Christopher Pok, Vincent Yeo, Olivier Girard
2021, 20(1), 101-109

Review article
What Actually Differs between Traditional Teaching and Sport Education in Students’ Learning Outcomes? A Critical Systematic Review
Cristiana Bessa, Peter Hastie, Ana Ramos, Isabel Mesquita
2021, 20(1), 110-125

Research article
The Accuracy of a Low-Cost GPS System during Football-Specific Movements
Emiel Schulze, Ross Julian, Sabrina Skorski
2021, 20(1), 126-132

Research article
Quantifying the Activity Profile of Female Beach Volleyball Tournament Match-Play
Phillip M. Bellinger, Timothy Newans, Mitchell Whalen, Clare Minahan
2021, 20(1), 142-148

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