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September 2019 - Volume 18, Issue 3, Table of Contents Current Issue
Research article
Effects of High-Intensity Interval and Moderate-Intensity Continuous Exercise on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Levels in Inactive Obese Males: A Crossover Trial
Victor O. A. Santos, Rodrigo A. V. Browne, Daniel C. Souza, Victor A. F. Matos, Geovani A. D. Macêdo, Luiz F. Farias-Junior, José C. Farias-Júnior, Eduardo C. Costa, Ana P.T. Fayh
2019, 18(3), 390-398

Research article
A Long-Term Exercise Intervention Reduces Depressive Symptoms in Older Korean Women
Youngyun Jin, Donghyun Kim, Haeryun Hong, Hyunsik Kang
2019, 18(3), 399-404

Research article
Mobile Athlete Self-Report Measures and the Complexities of Implementation
Ciara M. Duignan, Patrick J. Slevin, Brian M. Caulfield, Catherine Blake
2019, 18(3), 405-412

Research article
Exercise Training at Maximal Fat Oxidation Intensity for Overweight or Obese Older Women: A Randomized Study
Liquan Cao, Yan Jiang, Qingwen Li, Jianxiong Wang, Sijie Tan
2019, 18(3), 413-418

Research article
In-Match Physical Performance Fluctuations in International Rugby Sevens Competition
Alexis Peeters, Christopher Carling, Julien Piscione, Mathieu Lacome
2019, 18(3), 419-426

Research article
Living High-Training Low for 21 Days Enhances Exercise Economy, Hemodynamic Function, and Exercise Performance of Competitive Runners
Hun-Young Park, Wonil Park, Kiwon Lim
2019, 18(3), 427-437

Research article
Inertial Sensors in Swimming: Detection of Stroke Phases through 3D Wrist Trajectory
Matteo Cortesi, Andrea Giovanardi, Giorgio Gatta, Anna L. Mangia, Sandro Bartolomei, Silvia Fantozzi
2019, 18(3), 438-447

Research article
Anthropometrical Determinants of Deadlift Variant Performance
Jason M. Cholewa, Ozan Atalag, Anastasia Zinchenko, Kelly Johnson, Menno Henselmans
2019, 18(3), 448-453

Research article
Non-uniform Stiffness within Gastrocnemius-Achilles tendon Complex Observed after Static Stretching
Jiping Zhou, Chunlong Liu, Zhijie Zhang
2019, 18(3), 454-461

Case report
A Case Study of Exercise Adherence during Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Treatment in a Previously Active Male with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma
Michael C. Hartland, Kade Davison, Maximillian J. Nelson, Jonathan D. Buckley, Gaynor Parfitt, Joel T. Fuller
2019, 18(3), 462-470

Research article
Effects of Blood Flow Restriction Training with Protein Supplementation on Muscle Mass And Strength in Older Men
Christoph Centner, Denise Zdzieblik, Llion Roberts, Albert Gollhofer, Daniel König
2019, 18(3), 471-478

Research article
Effects of Specific Core Re-Warm-Ups on Core Function, Leg Perfusion and Second-Half Team Sport-Specific Sprint Performance: A Randomized Crossover Study
Tomas K. Tong, Julien S. Baker, Haifeng Zhang, Zhaowei Kong, Jinlei Nie
2019, 18(3), 479-489

Research article
Team Sport Athletes May Be Less Likely To Suffer Anxiety or Depression than Individual Sport Athletes
Emily Pluhar, Caitlin McCracken, Kelsey L. Griffith, Melissa A. Christino, Dai Sugimoto, William P. Meehan III
2019, 18(3), 490-496

Research article
Functional Vs. Running Low-Volume High-Intensity Interval Training: Effects on VO2max and Muscular Endurance
Verena Menz, Natalie Marterer, Sachin B. Amin, Martin Faulhaber, Alexander B. Hansen, Justin S. Lawley
2019, 18(3), 497-504

Research article
Constituent Year Effect in Masters Sports: An Empirical View on the Historical Development in US Masters Swimming
Nikola Medic, Manuel Müssener, Babett H. Lobinger, Bradley W. Young
2019, 18(3), 505-512

Research article
Objectively Measured Aerobic Fitness is Not Related to Vascular Health Outcomes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk In 9-10 Year Old Children
Colin Farr, Andrew R. Middlebrooke, Neil Armstrong, Alan R. Barker, Jon Fulford, David M. Mawson, Ali M. McManus
2019, 18(3), 513-522

Review article
Protein-Based Supplementation to Enhance Recovery in Team Sports: What is the Evidence?
Athanasios Poulios, Kalliopi Georgakouli, Dimitrios Draganidis, Chariklia K. Deli, Panagiotis D. Tsimeas, Athanasios Chatzinikolaou, Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Alexios Batrakoulis, Magni Mohr, Athanasios Z. Jamurtas, Ioannis G. Fatouros
2019, 18(3), 523-536

Research article
Plasma Apelin Unchanged With Acute Exercise Insulin Sensitization
Justin D. Waller, Emily H. McNeill, Frank Zhong, Lauren S. Vervaecke, Allan H. Goldfarb
2019, 18(3), 537-543

Research article
Cross Education Training Effects are Evident with Twice Daily, Self-Administered Band Stretch Training
Sarah L. Caldwell, Reagan L. S. Bilodeau, Megan J. Cox, David G. Behm
2019, 18(3), 544-551

Research article
Topical Analgesic Improved or Maintained Ballistic Hip Flexion Range of Motion with Treated and Untreated Legs
Arielle Whalen, Kaitlyn Farrell, Stephanie Roberts, Hannah Smith, David G Behm
2019, 18(3), 552-558

Review article
Genes and Elite Marathon Running Performance: A Systematic Review
Hannah J. Moir, Rachael Kemp, Dirk Folkerts, Owen Spendiff, Cristina Pavlidis, Elizabeth Opara
2019, 18(3), 559-568

Research article
The Occurrence, Causes and Perceived Performance Effects of Breast Injuries in Elite Female Athletes
Brooke R. Brisbine, Julie R. Steele, Elissa J. Phillips, Deirdre E. McGhee
2019, 18(3), 569-576

Research article
Training Regimes and Recovery Monitoring Practices of Elite British Swimmers
Scott Pollock, Nadia Gaoua, Michael J. Johnston, Karl Cooke, Olivier Girard, Katya N. Mileva
2019, 18(3), 577-585


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In Press
Research article
Daily Step-Based Recommendations Related to Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Adolescents
Daniel Mayorga-Vega, Carolina Casado-Robles, Jesús Viciana, Iván López-Fernández
2019, 18(4), 586-595

Research article
Effects of Swimming Exercise on Serum Irisin and Bone FNDC5 in Rat Models of High-Fat Diet-Induced Osteoporosis
Yun-Seok Kang, Jae-Cheol Kim, Jeong-Seok Kim, Sang Hyun Kim
2019, 18(4), 596-603

Review article
The Contraction Modalities in a Stretch-Shortening Cycle in Animals and Single Joint Movements in Humans: A Systematic Review
Martin Groeber, Lena Reinhart, Philipp Kornfeind, Arnold Baca
2019, 18(4), 604-614

Research article
Cardiac Damage Biomarkers and Heart Rate Variability Following a 118-Km Mountain Race: Relationship with Performance and Recovery
Ignacio Martínez-Navarro, Juan M. Sánchez-Gómez, Eladio J. Collado-Boira, Barbara Hernando, Nayara Panizo, Carlos Hernando
2019, 18(4), 615-622

Research article
Reliability, Validity and Usefulness of a New Response Time Test for Agility-Based Sports: A Simple vs. Complex Motor Task
Haris Pojskic, Jeffrey Pagaduan, Edin Uzicanin, Vlatko Separovic, Miodrag Spasic, Nikola Foretic, Damir Sekulic
2019, 18(4), 623-635

Research article
Two Weeks of Interval Training Enhances Fat Oxidation during Exercise in Obese Adults with Prediabetes
Julian M. Gaitán, Natalie Z.M. Eichner, Nicole M. Gilbertson, Emily M. Heiston, Arthur Weltman, Steven K. Malin
2019, 18(4), 636-644

Research article
Range of Motion and Sticking Region Effects on the Bench Press Load-Velocity Relationship
Alejandro Martínez-Cava, Ricardo Morán-Navarro, Alejandro Hernández-Belmonte, Javier Courel-Ibáñez, Elena Conesa-Ros, Juan José González-Badillo, Jesús G. Pallarés
2019, 18(4), 645-652

Research article
Are Landing Biomechanics Altered in Elite Athletes with Chronic Ankle Instability
Jian-Zhi Lin, Yu-An Lin, Heng-Ju Lee
2019, 18(4), 653-662

Research article
Correlational Analysis between Joint-level Kinetics of Countermovement Jumps and Weightlifting Derivatives
Kristof Kipp, Timothy J. Suchomel, Paul Comfort
2019, 18(4), 663-668

Research article
Do Acute Exercise-Induced Activations of the Kynurenine Pathway Induce Regulatory T-Cells on the Long-Term? – A Theoretical Frame Work Supported by Pilot Data
Christina Koliamitra, Florian Javelle, Niklas Joisten, Alexander Shimabukuro-Vornhagen, Wilhelm Bloch, Alexander Schenk, Philipp Zimmer
2019, 18(4), 669-673

Research article
Effect of the Anode Placement on the Antagonist Muscles Recruitment: Implication for the Interpolated Twitch Technique Outcome
Enzo Piponnier, Ashref Thorkani, Firas Zghal, François Cottin, Vincent Martin
2019, 18(4), 674-679

Research article
Off-Ice Agility Provide Motor Transfer to On-Ice Skating Performance and Agility in Adolescent Ice Hockey Players
Dominik Novák, Patrycja Lipinska, Robert Roczniok, Michal Spieszny, Petr Stastny
2019, 18(4), 680-694

Research article
Concurrent and Construct Validation of a Scale for Rating Perceived Exertion in Aquatic Cycling for Young Men
Juan C. Colado, Roxana M. Brasil
2019, 18(4), 695-707

Research article
Polarized and Pyramidal Training Intensity Distribution: Relationship with a Half-Ironman Distance Triathlon Competition
Sergio Selles-Perez, José Fernández-Sáez, Roberto Cejuela
2019, 18(4), 708-715

Research article
The Effect of 1600 μg Inhaled Salbutamol Administration on 30 m Sprint Performance Pre and Post a Yo-Yo Intermittent Running Test in Football Players
Michele Merlini, Marco Beato, Samuele Marcora, John Dickinson
2019, 18(4), 716-721

Research article
Effects of Progressive Walking and Stair-Climbing Training Program on Muscle Size and Strength of the Lower Body in Untrained Older Adults
Hayao Ozaki, Takashi Nakagata, Toshinori Yoshihara, Tomoharu Kitada, Toshiharu Natsume, Yoshihiko Ishihara, Pengyu Deng, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Shuichi Machida, Hisashi Naito
2019, 18(4), 722-728

Research article
Effects of a 6-Week Strength Training of the Neck Flexors and Extensors on the Head Acceleration during Headers in Soccer
Stephan Becker, Joshua Berger, Marco Backfisch, Oliver Ludwig, Jens Kelm, Michael Fröhlich
2019, 18(4), 729-737

Research article
High Rates of Fat Oxidation Induced by a Low-Carbohydrate, High-Fat Diet, Do Not Impair 5-km Running Performance in Competitive Recreational Athletes
Philip J. Prins, Timothy D. Noakes, Gary L. Welton, Sarah J. Haley, Noah J. Esbenshade, Adam D. Atwell, Katie E. Scott, Jacqueline Abraham, Amy S. Raabe, Jeffrey D. Buxton, Dana L. Ault
2019, 18(4), 738-750

Research article
Longitudinal Age-Related Morphological and Physiological Changes in Adolescent Male Basketball Players
Yuta Sekine, Seigo Hoshikawa, Norikazu Hirose
2019, 18(4), 751-757

Research article
Factors Influencing the Early Development of World-Class Caribbean Track and Field Athletes: A Qualitative Investigation
Candice E. Thomas, Timothy P. Chambers, Luana C. Main, Paul B. Gastin
2019, 18(4), 758-771

Research article
Carbohydrate Loading Practice in Bodybuilders: Effects on Muscle Thickness, Photo Silhouette Scores, Mood States and Gastrointestinal Symptoms
Wilson M. A. M. de Moraes, Fernando N. de Almeida, Leonardo E. A. dos Santos, Kathleen D. G. Cavalcante, Heitor O. Santos, James W. Navalta, Jonato Prestes
2019, 18(4), 772-779

Research article
Incidence of Tendinopathy in Team Sports in a Multidisciplinary Sports Club Over 8 Seasons
Daniel Florit, Carles Pedret, Martí Casals, Peter Malliaras, Dai Sugimoto, Gil Rodas
2019, 18(4), 780-788

Research article
Functional Training Induces Greater Variety and Magnitude of Training Improvements than Traditional Resistance Training in Elderly Women
Marzo E. da Silva-Grigoletto, Marceli M. A. Mesquita, José C. Aragão-Santos, Marta S. Santos, Antônio G. Resende-Neto, Josimari M. de Santana, David G. Behm
2019, 18(4), 789-797

Research article
The Relationship between General Upper-Body Strength and Pole Force Measurements, and Their Predictive Power Regarding Double Poling Sprint Performance
Esther Mende, Ansgar Schwirtz, Florian K. Paternoster
2019, 18(4), 798-804

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