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March 2020 - Volume 19, Issue 1, Table of Contents Current Issue
Research article
Physical Demands of Ball Possession Games in Relation to the Most Demanding Passages of a Competitive Match
Andrés Martín-García, Julen Castellano, Alberto Méndez Villanueva, Antonio Gómez-Díaz, Francesc Cos, David Casamichana
2020, 19(1), 1-9

Research article
Achievement-Motivated Behavior in Individual Sports: Evidence for the Construct and Criterion Validity of the AMBIS-I Coach-Rating Scale
Claudia Zuber, Michael J. Schmid, Achim Conzelmann
2020, 19(1), 10-19

Review article
Systematic Review of the Role of Footwear Constructions in Running Biomechanics: Implications for Running-Related Injury and Performance
Xiaole Sun, Wing-Kai Lam, Xini Zhang, Junqing Wang, Weijie Fu
2020, 19(1), 20-37

Research article
The “Warrior” COMT Val/Met Genotype Occurs in Greater Frequencies in Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Relative to Controls
Jaime L. Tartar, Dominick Cabrera, Sarah Knafo, Julius D. Thomas, Jose Antonio, Corey A. Peacock
2020, 19(1), 38-42

Research article
The Impact of Eye-closed and Weighted Multi-ball Training on the Improvement of the Stroke Effect of Adolescent Table Tennis Players
Ziwei Cao, Yi Xiao, Miaomiao Lu, Xiaoling Ren, Pei Zhang
2020, 19(1), 43-51

Research article
The Time Course of Muscle-Tendon Unit Function and Structure Following Three Minutes of Static Stretching
Andreas Konrad, Markus Tilp
2020, 19(1), 52-58

Research article
Movement Demands of an Elite Cricket Team During the Big Bash League in Australia
Robert Sholto-Douglas, Ryan Cook, Matthew Wilkie, Candice Jo-Anne Christie
2020, 19(1), 59-64

Review article
A Systematic Review and Qualitative Analysis of Concussion Knowledge amongst Sports Coaches and Match Officials
Ping Chong Yeo, Edgar Q. Y. Yeo, Joanne Probert, Shauna H. S. Sim, Dinesh Sirisena
2020, 19(1), 65-77

Research article
Contextual Factors Impact Styles of Play in the English Premier League
Stuart Gollan, Clint Bellenger, Kevin Norton
2020, 19(1), 78-83

Research article
A Technical Report on the Development of a Real-Time Visual Biofeedback System to Optimize Motor Learning and Movement Deficit Correction
Scott Bonnette, Christopher A. DiCesare, Adam W. Kiefer, Michael A. Riley, Kim D. Barber Foss, Staci Thomas, Jed A. Diekfuss, Gregory D. Myer
2020, 19(1), 84-94

Research article
Effects of Swimming with Added Respiratory Dead Space on Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Lipid Metabolism
Stefan Szczepan, Kamil Michalik, Jacek Borkowski, Krystyna Zatoń
2020, 19(1), 95-101

Research article
The Effect of Additional External Resistance on Inter-Set Changes in Abdominal Muscle Thickness during Bridging Exercise
Kostantinos Dafkou, Eleftherios Kellis, Athanasios Ellinoudis, Chrysostomos Sahinis
2020, 19(1), 102-111

Research article
Does Age Matter? A Qualitative Comparison of Motives and Aspects of Risk in Adolescent and Adult Freeriders
Anika Frühauf, Julian Zenzmaier, Martin Kopp
2020, 19(1), 112-120

Research article
Changes in Urinary Titin N-terminal Fragment Concentration after Concentric and Eccentric Exercise
Shota Yamaguchi, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Takayuki Inami, Kazue Kanda, Zhao Hanye, Junichi Okada
2020, 19(1), 121-129

Research article
Biomechanical Analysis of Running Foot Strike in Shoes of Different Mass
I-Lin Wang, Ryan B. Graham, Eric J.P. Bourdon, Yi-Ming Chen, Chin-Yi Gu, Li-I Wang
2020, 19(1), 130-137

Research article
Kinematic Parameters of Topspin Forehand in Table Tennis and Their Inter- and Intra-Individual Variability
Ziemowit Bańkosz, Sławomir Winiarski
2020, 19(1), 138-148

Review article
Physical Load and Referees’ Decision-Making in Sports Games: A Scoping Review
Nicolas Bloß, Jörg Schorer, Florian Loffing, Dirk Büsch
2020, 19(1), 149-157

Research article
Influence of Perceived Parental Education Styles on Hardy Personality in Sport
Higinio González-García, Antonia Pelegrín
2020, 19(1), 158-165

Research article
Associations of Objectively Measured Patterns of Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity with Frailty Status Screened by The Frail Scale in Japanese Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Si Chen, Tao Chen, Hiro Kishimoto, Harukaze Yatsugi, Shuzo Kumagai
2020, 19(1), 166-174

Research article
Concurrent and Construct Validation of a New Scale for Rating Perceived Exertion during Elastic Resistance Training in The Elderly
Juan C. Colado, Guilherme E. Furtado, Ana M. Teixeira, Jorge Flandez, Fernando Naclerio
2020, 19(1), 175-186

Research article
Five Weeks of Aquatic-Calisthenic High Intensity Interval Training Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Body Composition in Sedentary Young Adults
Brittany B. McDaniel, Mildred R. Naquin, Bovorn Sirikul, Robert R. Kraemer
2020, 19(1), 187-194

Review article
Gluteus Maximus Activation during Common Strength and Hypertrophy Exercises: A Systematic Review
Walter Krause Neto, Enrico Gori Soares, Thais Lima Vieira, Rodolfo Aguiar, Thiago Andrade Chola, Vinicius de Lima Sampaio, Eliane Florencio Gama
2020, 19(1), 195-203

Research article
Monitoring External Training Loads and Neuromuscular Performance for Division I Basketball Players over the Preseason
Aaron D. Heishman, Bryce D. Daub, Ryan M. Miller, Eduardo D. S. Freitas, Michael G. Bemben
2020, 19(1), 204-212

Research article
Isoinertial Eccentric-Overload Training in Young Soccer Players: Effects on Strength, Sprint, Change of Direction, Agility and Soccer Shooting Precision
Giovanni Fiorilli, Intrieri Mariano, Enzo Iuliano, Arrigo Giombini, Antonello Ciccarelli, Andrea Buonsenso, Giuseppe Calcagno, Alessandra di Cagno
2020, 19(1), 213-223

Research article
Effects of Posterior X Taping on Movement Quality and Knee Pain Intensity during Forward-Step-Down in Patients with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Eui-hwan Lim, Mo-eun Kim, Si-hyun Kim, Kyue-nam Park
2020, 19(1), 224-230

Letter to editor
Discussion of “Concurrent and Construct Validation of a Scale for Rating Perceived Exertion in Aquatic Cycling for Young Men”
Mauricio Garzon, Alain Steve Comtois
2020, 19(1), 231-234

Letter to editor
Effect of Acute Sleep Hygiene on Salivary Cortisol Level Following A Late Night Soccer-Specific Training Session
Matteo Bonato, Giampiero Merati, Antonio La Torre, Marina Saresella, Ivana Marventano, Giuseppe Banfi, Jacopo A. Vitale
2020, 19(1), 235-236


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In Press
Research article
Nordic Walking Increases Distal Radius Bone Mineral Content in Young Women
Takeru Kato, Toru Tomioka, Takenori Yamashita, Hidehiro Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Sugajima, Norikazu Ohnishi
2020, 19(2), 237-244

Research article
How Training Tools Physically Linking Soccer Players Improve Interpersonal Coordination
Keiko Yokoyama, Noriyuki Tabuchi, Duarte Araújo, Yuji Yamamoto
2020, 19(2), 245-255

Research article
Differences in Physical Demands between Game Quarters and Playing Positions on Professional Basketball Players during Official Competition
Franc García, Jairo Vázquez-Guerrero, Julen Castellano, Martí Casals, Xavi Schelling
2020, 19(2), 256-263

Research article
Influences of Lateral Jump Smash Actions in Different Situations on the Lower Extremity Load of Badminton Players
Chia-Ling Hung, Min-Hao Hung, Chi-Yao Chang, Hsin-Huan Wang, Chin-Shan Ho, Kuo-Chuan Lin
2020, 19(2), 264-270

Research article
Effects of an Impulse Frequency Dependent 10-Week Whole-body Electromyostimulation Training Program on Specific Sport Performance Parameters
Joshua Berger, Oliver Ludwig, Stephan Becker, Marco Backfisch, Wolfgang Kemmler, Michael Fröhlich
2020, 19(2), 271-281

Research article
Acute Maltodextrin Supplementation During Resistance Exercise
Dylan T. Wilburn, Steven B. Machek, Thomas D. Cardaci, Paul S. Hwang, Darryn S. Willoughby
2020, 19(2), 282-288

Research article
Push-Ups vs. Bench Press Differences in Repetitions and Muscle Activation between Sexes
Shahab Alizadeh, Machel Rayner, M. Mamdouh Ibrahim Mahmoud, David G. Behm
2020, 19(2), 289-297

Case report
Coordination between Crew Members on Flying Multihulls: A Case Study on a Nacra 17
Eric Terrien, Benoît Huet, Paul Iachkine, Jacques Saury
2020, 19(2), 298-308

Research article
One Session of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy-Induced Modulation on Tendon Shear Modulus is Associated with Reduction in Pain
Zhi Jie Zhang, Wai Chun Lee, Siu Ngor Fu
2020, 19(2), 309-316

Research article
Impact of Duration of Eccentric Movement in the One-Repetition Maximum Test Result in the Bench Press among Women
Michal Wilk, Mariola Gepfert, Michal Krzysztofik, Aleksandra Mostowik, Aleksandra Filip, Grzegorz Hajduk, Adam Zajac
2020, 19(2), 317-322

Research article
Prevalence of Biopsychosocial Factors of Pain in 865 Sports Students of the Dach (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Region – A Cross-Sectional Survey
Anke Bumann, Winfried Banzer, Johannes Fleckenstein
2020, 19(2), 323-336

Research article
The Reliability and Validity of a Novel Sport-Specific Balance Test to Differentiate Performance Levels in Elite Curling Players
Haris Pojskic, Kerry McGawley, Anna Gustafsson, David G. Behm
2020, 19(2), 337-346

Review article
The Effects of Assisted and Resisted Plyometric Training Programs on Vertical Jump Performance in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Hubert Makaruk, Marcin Starzak, Bogusz Suchecki, Maciej Czaplicki, Nenad Stojiljković
2020, 19(2), 347-357

Research article
The Achilles Tendon Response to a Bout of Running is not affected by Triceps Surae Stretch Training in Runners
Coulter D. Neves, Joshua K. Sponbeck, Katy Andrews Neves, Ulrike H. Mitchell, Iain Hunter, Aaron Wayne Johnson
2020, 19(2), 358-363

Research article
Cognitive Performance, Quality and Quantity of Movement Reflect Psychological Symptoms in Adolescents
Maedeh Mansoubi, Benjamin David Weedon, Patrick Esser, Nancy Mayo, Mina Fazel, Will Wade, Tomas E Ward, Steve Kemp, Anne Delextrat, Helen Dawes
2020, 19(2), 364-373

Research article
Occlusion Training During Specific Futsal Training Improves Aspects of Physiological and Physical Performance
Sadegh Amani-Shalamzari, Ali Sarikhani, Carl Paton, Hamid Rajabi, Mahdi Bayati, Pantelis Theodoros Nikolaidis, Beat Knechtle
2020, 19(2), 374-382

Research article
The Association Between Rearfoot Motion While Barefoot and Shod in Different Types of Running Shoes in Recreational Runners
Érica Q. Silva, Andreia N. Miana, Jane S. S. P. Ferreira, Henry D. Kiyomoto, Mauro C. M. E. Dinato, Isabel C. N. Sacco
2020, 19(2), 383-389

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