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Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) is a non-profit making scientific electronic journal, publishing research and review articles, together with case studies, in the fields of sports medicine and the exercise sciences. JSSM is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. JSSM also publishes editorials, a "letter to the editor" section, abstracts from international and national congresses, panel meetings, conferences and symposia, and can function as an open discussion forum on significant issues of current interest. The journal content could be presented not only in print (pdf format) but also through the use of video, audio and interactive software since it is published in an electronic format. Authors, therefore, are encouraged to submit their article or communication in the most appropriate medium to best convey their findings to members of JSSM.
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The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) is a non-profit making scientific electronic journal, publishing research and review articles, together with case studies, in the fields of sports medicine and the exercise sciences... Read More»
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December 2022 - Volume 21, Issue 4, Table of Contents Current Issue
Research article
Passive Muscle Stiffness of Biceps Femoris is Acutely Reduced after Eccentric Knee Flexion
Lei Zhi, Naokazu Miyamoto, Hisashi Naito
2022, 21(4), 487-492 DOI:

Research article
Side-To-Side Difference in Electromyographic Activity of Abdominal Muscles during Asymmetric Exercises
Raki Kawama, Akira Ike, Ai Soma, Tatsuya Hojo, Taku Wakahara
2022, 21(4), 493-503 DOI:

Research article
Muscle Architectural and Force-Velocity Curve Adaptations following 10 Weeks of Training with Weightlifting Catching and Pulling Derivatives
Timothy J. Suchomel, Shana M. McKeever, Justin D. Nolen, Paul Comfort
2022, 21(4), 504-516 DOI:

Research article
A Visible Analysis Approach for Table Tennis Tactical Benefit
Zheng Zhou, Hui Zhang
2022, 21(4), 517-527 DOI:

Research article
Acute Effects of Different Intensity and Duration of Static Stretching on the Muscle-Tendon Unit Stiffness of the Hamstrings
Kosuke Takeuchi, Kazunori Akizuki, Masatoshi Nakamura
2022, 21(4), 528-535 DOI:

Research article
Changes in Muscle Shear Modulus and Urinary Titin N-Terminal Fragment after Eccentric Exercise
Takayuki Inami, Shota Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki Ishida, Naohiko Kohtake, Akihisa Morito, Satoshi Yamada, Masatsugu Shimomasuda, Maki Haramoto, Naoya Nagata, Mitsuyoshi Murayama
2022, 21(4), 536-544 DOI:

Research article
The Effects of a Single Session of High Intensity Functional Training on Energy Expenditure, VO2, and Blood Lactate
Leslie E. Smith, Gary P. Van Guilder, Lance C. Dalleck, Nigel K. Harris
2022, 21(4), 545-554 DOI:

Review article
A Systematic Review of the Effects of Strength and Power Training on Performance in Cross-Country Skiers
Thomas Stöggl, Hans-Christer Holmberg
2022, 21(4), 555-579 DOI:

Research article
Comparison of the Prolonged Effects of Foam Rolling and Vibration Foam Rolling Interventions on Passive Properties of Knee Extensors
Kazuki Kasahara, Andreas Konrad, Riku Yoshida, Yuta Murakami, Ryoma Koizumi, Sigeru Sato, Xin Ye, Ewan Thomas, Masatoshi Nakamura
2022, 21(4), 580-585 DOI:

Research article
Upper Extremity Muscle Activation during Drive Volley and Groundstroke for Two-Handed Backhand of Female Tennis Players
Mu-Lin Tai, Chun-Ju Yang, Wen-Tzu Tang, Bruce Elliott, Kai-Lung Chang
2022, 21(4), 586-594 DOI:

Research article
The Sprint-Interval Exercise Using a Spinning Bike Improves Physical Fitness and Ameliorates Primary Dysmenorrhea Symptoms Through Hormone and Inflammation Modulations: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Wen-Ching Huang, Pei Chi Chiu, Chi Hong Ho
2022, 21(4), 595-607 DOI:

Research article
Effects of Speed and Amplitude of Dynamic Stretching on the Flexibility and Strength of the Hamstrings
Kosuke Takeuchi, Masatoshi Nakamura, Shingo Matsuo, Kazunori Akizuki, Takamasa Mizuno
2022, 21(4), 608-615 DOI:

Research article
Resistance Exercise-Induced Increases in Muscle Myostatin mRNA and Protein Expression Are Subsequently Decreased in Circulation in the Presence of Increased Levels of the Extracellular Matrix Stabilizing Protein Decorin
Darryn S. Willoughby, Thomas D. Cardaci, Steven B. Machek, Dylan T. Wilburn, Jeffery L. Heileson
2022, 21(4), 616-624 DOI:

Review article
Effects of Unilateral Conditioning Activity on Acute Performance Enhancement: A Systematic Review
Michał Krzysztofik, Michał Wilk, Anna Pisz, Dominik Kolinger, Athanasios Tsoukos, Piotr Aschenbrenner, Petr Stastny, Gregory C. Bogdanis
2022, 21(4), 625-639 DOI:

Research article
Maturity-based correction mechanism for talent identification: When is it needed, does it work, and does it help to better predict who will make it to the pros?
Bryan Charbonnet, Roland Sieghartsleitner, Jürg Schmid, Claudia Zuber, Marc Zibung, Achim Conzelmann
2022, 21(4), 640-657 DOI:

Guest Reviewers, Volume 21, 2022

Note to users:

Articles in Press are peer reviewed and accepted articles and the proofs of them are approved and corrected by the authors.
They will be a part of March 2023 Issue of the JSSM which will be online soon.
The final citation details, e.g. volume, publication year and page numbers will not be changed.
Therefore, please be aware that, they are fully ready and have all bibliographic details for your citations.

In Press
Review article
Underwater Surface Electromyography for the Evaluation of Muscle Activity during Front Crawl Swimming: A Systematic Review
Wan Yu Kwok, Billy Chun Lung So, Sheung Mei Shamay Ng
2023, 22(1), 1-16 DOI:

Research article
Investigating The Association Between Supraspinatus Tendon Abnormality, Shoulder Pain and Isokinetic Strength in Elite Swimmers: A Cross-Sectional Study
Billy Chun Lung So, Stan Cheuk Ting Lau, Wan Yu Kwok, Daniel Hon Ting Tse, Siu Shing Man
2023, 22(1), 17-27 DOI:

Research article
The Relationship Between Lower Limb Passive Muscle and Tendon Compression Stiffness and Oxygen Cost During Running
Andreas Konrad, Markus Tilp, Leutrim Mehmeti, Nik Mahnič, Wolfgang Seiberl, Florian K. Paternoster
2023, 22(1), 28-35 DOI:

Research article
Inertial Sensor-Based Assessment of Static Balance in Athletes with Chronic Ankle Instability
Yuta Koshino, Moeko Akimoto, Daiki Kawahara, Kentaro Watanabe, Tomoya Ishida, Mina Samukawa, Satoshi Kasahara, Harukazu Tohyama
2023, 22(1), 36-43 DOI:

Research article
Blood Flow Restricted Cycling Impairs Subsequent Jumping But Not Balance Performance Slightly More Than Non-Restricted Cycling: An Acute Randomized Controlled Cross-Over Trial
Steffen Held, Ludwig Rappelt, Tim Wiedenmann, Jan-Phillip Deutsch, Julian Röttgen, Lars Donath
2023, 22(1), 44-50 DOI:

Research article
The Acute Effects of Pectoralis Major Foam Ball Rolling on Shoulder Extension Range of Motion, Isometric Contraction Torque, and Muscle Stiffness
Marina M. Reiner, Anna Gabriel, Markus Tilp, Andreas Konrad
2023, 22(1), 51-57 DOI:

Research article
Identifying the Optimal Arm Priming Exercise Intensity to Improve Maximal Leg Sprint Cycling Performance
Tatsuya Matsumoto, Yosuke Tomita, Koichi Irisawa
2023, 22(1), 58-67 DOI:

Research article
Easy Prediction of the Maximal Lactate Steady-State in Young and Older Men and Women
Silvia Pogliaghi, Massimo Teso, Luca Ferrari, Jan Boone, Juan M. Murias, Alessandro L. Colosio
2023, 22(1), 68-74 DOI:

Research article
Daytime Napping Benefits Passing Performance and Scanning Activity in Elite Soccer Players
Masaki Nishida, Shuta Okano, Atsushi Ichinose, Shutaro Suyama, Sumi Youn
2023, 22(1), 75-83 DOI:

Research article
Does Exercise Modality Matter Affectively? Contrasting Type and Sequence of Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training Versus High-Intensity Interval Training in a Randomized Within-Subject Study
Katja Dierkes, Inka Rösel, Katrin E. Giel, Ansgar Thiel, Gorden Sudeck
2023, 22(1), 84-97 DOI:

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