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December 2005 - Volume 04, Issue 4
Table of Contents
Research article
Effect of Different Rest Intervals on the Exercise Volume Completed During Squat Bouts
Rahman Rahimi
2005, 04(4), 361-366

Research article
The Effect of Football Shoulder Pads on Pulmonary Function
J. Richard Coast, Jessica L. Baronas, Colleen Morris, K. Sean Willeford
2005, 04(4), 367-371

Research article
Hormone Replacement and Strength Training Positively Influence Balance During Gait in Post-Menopausal Females: A Pilot Study
Stephen D. Perry, Eric Bombardier, Alison Radtke, Peter M. Tiidus
2005, 04(4), 372-381

Research article
Emotional States of Athletes Prior to Performance-Induced Injury
Tracey J. Devonport, Andrew M. Lane, Yuri L. Hanin
2005, 04(4), 382-394

Research article
Tolerance and Conditioning to Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation Within and Between Sessions and Gender
Gad Alon, Gerald V. Smith
2005, 04(4), 395-405

Research article
Body Water Indices as Markers of Aging in Male Masters Swimmers
Georgianna Tuuri, Michael J. Keenan, Kenneth M. West, James P. Delany, J. Mark Loftin
2005, 04(4), 406-414

Research article
Effects of Prolonged Exercise on Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Defense in Endurance Horse
Susanna Kinnunen, Mustafa Atalay, Seppo Hyyppä, Arja Lehmuskero, Osmo Hänninen, Niku Oksala
2005, 04(4), 415-421

Research article
Immediate Re-Hydration Post-Exercise is Not Coincident with Raised Mean Arterial Pressure Over A 30-Minute Observation Period
Bartholomew Kay, Brendan J. O'Brien, Nicholas D. Gill
2005, 04(4), 422-429

Research article
Comparison of Oxygen Uptake Kinetics and Oxygen Deficit in Severely Overweight and Normal Weight Adolescent Females
Mark Loftin, Luke Heusel, Marc Bonis, Lauren Carlisle, Melinda Sothern
2005, 04(4), 430-436

Research article
Physiological Responses to 90 s All Out Isokinetic Sprint Cycling in Boys and Men
Helen Carter, Jeanne Dekerle, Gary Brickley, Craig A. Williams
2005, 04(4), 437-445

Research article
Preferred and Energetically Optimal Transition Speeds During Backward Human Locomotion
Alan Hreljac, Rodney Imamura, Rafael F. Escamilla, Jeffrey Casebolt, Mitell Sison
2005, 04(4), 446-454

Research article
Inclusion of Exercise Intensities Above the Lactate Threshold in VO/Running Speed Regression Does not Improve the Precision of Accumulated Oxygen Deficit Estimation in Endurance-Trained Runners
Victor M. Reis, António J. Silva, António Ascensão, José A. Duarte
2005, 04(4), 455-462

Research article
Reliability of Physiological, Psychological and Cognitive Variables in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Role of Graded Exercise
Karen E. Wallman, Alan R. Morton, Carmel Goodman, Robert Grove
2005, 04(4), 463-471

Research article
The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Skeletal Muscle Metabolism, Morphology and in Situ Endurance in Diabetic Rats
Nilay Ergen, Hatice Kurdak, Seref Erdogan, Ufuk Ozgü Mete, Mehmet Kaya, Nurten Dikmen, Ayşe Doğan, Sanli Sadi Kurdak
2005, 04(4), 472-481

Research article
Respiratory Rate is a Valid and Reliable Marker for the Anaerobic Threshold: Implications for Measuring Change in Fitness
Daniel G. Carey, Leslie A. Schwarz, German J. Pliego, Robert L. Raymond
2005, 04(4), 482-488

Research article
Analysis of Isokinetic Knee Extension / Flexion in Male Elite Adolescent Wrestlers
Sanli Sadi Kurdak, Kerem Özgünen, Ümüt Adas, Cigdem Zeren, Banu Aslangiray, Zübeyde Yazıcı, Selcen Korkmaz
2005, 04(4), 489-498

Research article
A Three Dimensional Kinematic and Kinetic Study of the Golf Swing
Steven M. Nesbit
2005, 04(4), 499-519

Research article
Work and Power Analysis of the Golf Swing
Steven M. Nesbit, Monika Serrano
2005, 04(4), 520-533

Research article
Relationship Between the MTI Accelerometer (Actigraph) Counts and Running Speed During Continuous and Intermittent Exercise
Comlavi B. Guinhouya, Hervé Hubert, Grégory Dupont, Alain Durocher
2005, 04(4), 534-542

Research article
A Comparison of Mental Strategies During Athletic Skills Performance
Eugenio A. Peluso, Michael J. Ross, Jeffrey D. Gfeller, Donna J. LaVoie
2005, 04(4), 543-549

Research article
Prevalence of the Female Athlete Triad in Edirne, Turkey
Selma Arzu Vardar, Erdal Vardar, Gülay Durmus Altun, Cem Kurt, Levent Öztürk
2005, 04(4), 550-555

Research article
A Pilot Study to Investigate Explosive Leg Extensor Power and Walking Performance After Stroke
Helen Dawes, Catherine Smith, Johnny Collett, Derick Wade, Ken Howells, Roger Ramsbottom, Hooshang Izadi, Cath Sackley
2005, 04(4), 556-562

Research article
Effect of Home-Based Well-Rounded Exercise in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Tomoko Yamauchi, Mohammod M. Islam, Daisuke Koizumi, Michael E. Rogers, Nicole L. Rogers, Nobuo Takeshima
2005, 04(4), 563-571

Research article
A Laboratory Test for the Examination of Alactic Running Performance
Armin Kibele, David Behm
2005, 04(4), 572-582

Research article
Comparative Kinematic Measures of Treadmill Running with or without Body Weight Support in Runners
Duane Millslagle, Morris Levy, Nick Matack
2005, 04(4), 583-589

Research article
A Multi-Station Proprioceptive Exercise Program in Patients with Bilateral Knee Osteoarthrosis: Functional Capacity, Pain and Sensoriomotor Function. A Randomized Controlled Trial
Ufuk Sekir, Hakan Gür
2005, 04(4), 590-603

Case report
Displaced Fracture of the Femoral Shaft from Kicking the Ground During Soccer - A Case Report
Kei Miyamoto, Masaji Morita, Kazuaki Masuda, Masato Maeda, Hiroaki Terashima, Katsuji Shimizu
2005, 04(4), 604-607

Research article, Young investigator
Anthropometric Comparison of World-Class Sprinters and Normal Populations
Niels Uth
2005, 04(4), 608-616

Letter to editor
Do Running Shoes Protect all Runners?
Benjamin E.J. Spurgeon
2005, 04(4), 617-617

Book review
Artemis P. Simopoulos
2005, 04(4), 618

Book review
Artemis P. Simopoulos
2005, 04(4), 619

Book review
David R. Mottram
2005, 04(4), 620

Guest Reviewers, Volume 04, 2005
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