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March 2006 - Volume 05, Issue 1
Table of Contents
Review article
Hydration and Temperature in Tennis - A Practical Review
Mark S. Kovacs
2006, 05(1), 1-9

Review article
Creatine Supplementation and Swim Performance: A Brief Review
Melissa J. Hopwood, Kenneth Graham, Kieron B. Rooney
2006, 05(1), 10-24

Research article
The Effects of Bicycle Frame Geometry on Muscle Activation and Power During a Wingate Anaerobic Test
Mark D. Ricard, Patrick Hills-Meyer, Michael G. Miller, Timothy J. Michael
2006, 05(1), 25-32

Research article
Flexibility is not Related to Stretch-Induced Deficits in Force or Power
David G. Behm, Erin E. Bradbury, Allison T. Haynes, Joanne N. Hodder, Allison M. Leonard, Natasha R. Paddock
2006, 05(1), 33-42

Research article
Muscle-Bone Interactions Across age in Men
Ian J. Palmer, Eric D. Runnels, Michael G. Bemben, Debra A. Bemben
2006, 05(1), 43-51

Research article
A Comparison of Kinematics and Performance Measures of Two Rowing Ergometers
Rebecca R. Steer, Alison H. McGregor, Anthony M.J. Bull
2006, 05(1), 52-59

Research article
Effects of Creatine, Ginseng, and Astragalus Supplementation on Strength, Body Composition, Mood, and Blood Lipids During Strength-Training in Older Adults
Michael E. Rogers, Ruth M. Bohlken, Michael W. Beets, Steve B. Hammer, Tim N. Ziegenfuss, Nejc Šarabon
2006, 05(1), 60-69

Research article
Contribution of Hamstring Fatigue to Quadriceps Inhibition Following Lumbar Extension Exercise
Joseph M. Hart, D. Casey Kerrigan, Julie M. Fritz, Ethan N. Saliba, Bruce Gansneder, Christopher D. Ingersoll
2006, 05(1), 70-79

Research article
Regular Rehearsal Helps in Consolidation of Long Term Memory
Milind Parle, Nirmal Singh, Mani Vasudevan
2006, 05(1), 80-88

Research article
A Comparison of the Effects of Fatigue on Subjective and Objective Assessment of Situation Awareness in Cycling
Wade L. Knez, Daniel J. Ham
2006, 05(1), 89-96

Research article
Effects of Active Recovery on Lactate Concentration, Heart Rate and RPE in Climbing
Nick Draper, Ellis L. Bird, Ian Coleman, Chris Hodgson
2006, 05(1), 97-105

Research article
Compression Garments and Recovery from Eccentric Exercise: A P-MRS Study
Michael I. Trenell, Kieron B. Rooney, Carolyn M. Sue, Campbell H. Thomspon
2006, 05(1), 106-114

Research article
Recovery of Power Output and Heart Rate Kinetics During Repeated Bouts of Rowing Exercise with Different Rest Intervals
Evangelia Mavrommataki, Gregory C. Bogdanis, Socrates Kaloupsis, Maria Maridaki
2006, 05(1), 115-122

Research article
Regular Extra Curricular Sports Practice Does Not Prevent Moderate Or Severe Variations in Self-Esteem Or Trait Anxiety in Early Adolescents
Caroline Binsinger, Patrick Laure, Marie-France Ambard
2006, 05(1), 123-129

Research article
Nutritional Practices of National Female Soccer Players: Analysis and Recommendations
Louise Martin, Anneliese Lambeth, Dawn Scott
2006, 05(1), 130-137

Research article
Fixed Foot Balance Training Increases Rectus Femoris Activation During Landing and Jump Height in Recreationally Active Women
Crystal O. Kean, David G. Behm, Warren B. Young
2006, 05(1), 138-148

Research article
The Relationship Between Working Memory Capacity and Physical Activity Rates in Young Adults
Kate Lambourne
2006, 05(1), 149-153

Case report
Effects of an Extreme Endurance Race on Energy Balance and Body Composition - A Case Study
Stefan Bircher, Andreas Enggist, Thomas Jehle, Beat Knechtle
2006, 05(1), 154-162

Research article, Young investigator
Long Term Effects of Different Training Modalities on Power, Speed, Skill and Anaerobic Capacity in Young Male Basketball Players
Mindaugas Balčiūnas, Stanislovas Stonkus, Catarina Abrantes, Jaime Sampaio
2006, 05(1), 163-170

Book review
Christopher Carling, A. Mark Williams and Thomas Reilly
2006, 05(1), 171

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