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September 2006 - Volume 05, Issue 3
Table of Contents
Review article
Parathyroid Hormone and Physical Exercise: a Brief Review
Anissa Bouassida, Imed Latiri, Semi Bouassida, Dalenda Zalleg, Monia Zaouali, Youssef Feki, Najoua Gharbi, Abdelkarim Zbidi, Zouhair Tabka
2006, 05(3), 367-374

Research article
Hemodynamic and Lactic Acid Responses to Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Exercise
Zuhal Gültekin, Ayse Kin-Isler, Özgür Sürenkök
2006, 05(3), 375-380

Research article
Influence of Temperament and Anxiety on Athletic Performance
Doug H. Han, Joo H. Kim, Young S. Lee, Soo Joeng Bae, Soo Jin Bae, Hyung J. Kim, Min Y. Sim, Young H. Sung, In Kyoon Lyoo
2006, 05(3), 381-389

Research article
Effects of Ballates, Step Aerobics, and Walking on Balance in Women Aged 50–75 Years
Sarah Clary, Cathleen Barnes, Debra Bemben, Allen Knehans, Michael Bemben
2006, 05(3), 390-399

Research article
The Influence of Body Position on Load Range During Isokinetic Knee Extension/Flexion
Brian W. Findley, Lee E. Brown, Michael Whitehurst, Tedd Keating, Daniel P. Murray, Lisa M. Gardner
2006, 05(3), 400-406

Research article
Ephedra Use in a Select Group of Adolescent Athletes
Michael P. Schaefer, Jay Smith, Diane L. Dahm, Matthew C. Sorenson
2006, 05(3), 407-414

Research article
Psychological Skills Usage and the Competitive Anxiety Response as a Function of Skill Level in Rugby Union
Richard Neil, Stephen D. Mellalieu, Sheldon Hanton
2006, 05(3), 415-423

Research article
Effect of Intermittent Sub-Maximal Exercise on Percent Body Fat Using Leg-To-Leg Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Children
Joseph L. Andreacci, Curt B. Dixon, Christina Ledezma, Fredric L. Goss
2006, 05(3), 424-430

Research article
Effects of a Basketball Activity on Lung Capillary Blood Volume and Membrane Diffusing Capacity, Measured by NO/CO Transfer in Children
Rim Dridi, Stephane Glenet, Zouhair Tabka, Mohamed Amri, Hervé Guénard
2006, 05(3), 431-439

Research article
Muscle Fatigue Increases Metabolic Costs of Ergometer Cycling without Changing VO Slow Component
Aivaras Ratkevicius, Arvydas Stasiulis, Loreta Dubininkaite, Albertas Skurvydas
2006, 05(3), 440-448

Research article
Recommendations Regarding Exercise During Pregnancy Made by Private/Small Group Practice Obstetricians in the USA
Pauline L. Entin, Kelly M. Munhall
2006, 05(3), 449-458

Research article
The Effects of a 6-Week Plyometric Training Program on Agility
Michael G. Miller, Jeremy J. Herniman, Mark D. Ricard, Christopher C. Cheatham, Timothy J. Michael
2006, 05(3), 459-465

Research article, Young investigator
Effect of Orthotics and Footwear on Static Rearfoot Kinematics
Molly Winkelmeyer, Brita Nelson, Therese Southworth, Kevin Carlson
2006, 05(3), 466-472

ERRATUM TO 'Body water indices as markers of aging in male masters swimmers. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2005) 4, 406-414'
2006, 05(3), 473

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