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December 2006 - Volume 05, Issue 4
Table of Contents
John Hammond and Neville de Mestre
2006, 05(4), i

Review article
Artificial Intelligence in Sports Biomechanics: New Dawn or False Hope?
Roger Bartlett
2006, 05(4), 474-479

Research article
Predicting the Match Outcome in One Day International Cricket Matches, while the Game is in Progress
Michael Bailey, Stephen R. Clarke
2006, 05(4), 480-487

Research article
Impress Your Friends and Predict the Final Score: An Analysis of the Psychic Ability of Four Target Resetting Methods Used in One-Day International Cricket
Barbara J. O’Riley, Mathew Ovens
2006, 05(4), 488-494

Research article
A Mathematical Modelling Approach to One-Day Cricket Batting Orders
Bruce Bukiet, Matthews Ovens
2006, 05(4), 495-502

Research article
Stochastic Dominance and Analysis of ODI Batting Performance: the Indian Cricket Team, 1989-2005
Uday Damodaran
2006, 05(4), 503-508

Research article
A Probability Based Approach for the Allocation of Player Draft Selections in Australian Rules Football
Bedford Anthony, Adrian J. Schembri
2006, 05(4), 509-516

Research article
The Application of an Exploratory Factor Analysis to Investigate the Inter-Relationships amongst Joint Movement During Performance of a Football Skill
Christina Smith, Wendy Gilleard, John Hammond, Lyndon Brooks
2006, 05(4), 517-524

Research article
Statistical Analysis of Notational AFL Data Using Continuous Time Markov Chains
Denny Meyer, Don Forbes, Stephen R. Clarke
2006, 05(4), 525-532

Research article
Possession Versus Position: Strategic Evaluation in AFL
Darren M. O’Shaughnessy
2006, 05(4), 533-540

Research article
Prediction Versus Reality: The Use of Mathematical Models to Predict Elite Performance in Swimming and Athletics at the Olympic Games
Timothy Heazlewood
2006, 05(4), 541-547

Research article
Fairer Service Exchange Mechanisms for Tennis When Some Psychological Factors Exist
Graham Pollard, Tristan Barnett
2006, 05(4), 548-555

Research article
Modelling the Interaction in Game Sports - Relative Phase and Moving Correlations
Martin Lames
2006, 05(4), 556-560

Research article
An Analysis of Ten Years of the Four Grand Slam Men’s Singles Data for Lack of Independence of Set Outcomes
Graham Pollard, Rod Cross, Denny Meyer
2006, 05(4), 561-566

Research article
Reducing the Likelihood of Long Tennis Matches
Tristan Barnett, Brown Alan, Graham Pollard
2006, 05(4), 567-574

Research article
Low Compression Tennis Balls and Skill Development
John Hammond, Christina Smith
2006, 05(4), 575-581

Research article
‘Resting Toucher’: A Time and Motion Analysis of Elite Lawn Bowls
Aaron J. Silk, John Hammond, Robert P. Weatherby
2006, 05(4), 582-589

Research article
Maximizing Height, Distance or Rotation from Real-Time Analysis Visualisation of Take-Off Angles and Speed
Richard Green
2006, 05(4), 590-596

Review article
Cuboid Syndrome: a Review of the Literature
Stephen M. Patterson
2006, 05(4), 597-606

Research article
Augmentation vs Nonaugmentation Techniques for Open Repairs of Achilles Tendon Ruptures with Early Functional Treatment: A Prospective Randomized Study
Gündüz Tezeren, Ilhami Kuru
2006, 05(4), 607-614

Research article
Perceived Barriers to Physical Activity in University Students
Daskapan Arzu, Emine Handan Tuzun, Levent Eker
2006, 05(4), 615-620

Research article
Effect of Caffeine on Oxidative Stress During Maximum Incremental Exercise
Guillermo J. Olcina, Diego Muñoz, Rafael Timón, M. Jesús Caballero, Juan I. Maynar, Alfredo Córdova, Marcos Maynar
2006, 05(4), 621-628

Research article
Effects of Palm Vitamin E Supplementation on Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress and Endurance Performance in the Heat
Chen Chee Keong, Harbindar Jeet Singh, Rabindarjeet Singh
2006, 05(4), 629-639

Research article
Oxygen Cost During Treadmill Walking with Hip and Knee Immobilised
Charlotte Elsworth, Helen Dawes, Johnny Collett, Ken Howells, Roger Ramsbottom, Hooshang Izadi, Cath Sackley
2006, 05(4), 640-645

Research article
The Influence of a Foot Orthotic on Lower Extremity Transverse Plane Kinematics in Collegiate Female Athletes with Pes Planus
R. Carcia Christopher, Joshua M. Drouin, Peggy A. Houglum
2006, 05(4), 646-655

Research article
Quantification of Lumbar Endurance on a Backup Lumbar Extension Dynamometer
Staci M. Hager, Brian E. Udermann, David M. Reineke, Mark H. Gibson, John M. Mayer, Steven R. Murray
2006, 05(4), 656-661

Research article
Relationship Between %Heart Rate Reserve And %VO2 Reserve During Elliptical Crosstrainer Exercise
Lance C. Dalleck, Len Kravitz
2006, 05(4), 662-671

Research article
Estradiol In Females May Negate Skeletal Muscle Myostatin Mrna Expression And Serum Myostatin Propeptide Levels After Eccentric Muscle Contractions
Darryn S. Willoughby, Colin D. Wilborn
2006, 05(4), 672-681

Research article
Influence Of Chronic Exercise On Red Cell Antioxidant Defense, Plasma Malondialdehyde And Total Antioxidant Capacity In Hypercholesterolemic Rabbits
Mohsen Alipour, Mustafa Mohammadi, Nosratollah Zarghami, Nasser Ahmadiasl
2006, 05(4), 682-691

Case report
Indirect Calorimetry During Ultradistance Running: A Case Report
Charles L. Dumke, Lesli Shooter, Robert H. Lind, David C. Nieman
2006, 05(4), 692-698

Research article, Young investigator
The Effect of Body Build and BMI on Aerobic Test Performance in School Children (10-15 Years)
Jantine Slinger, Frans Verstappen, Eric Van Breda, Harm Kuipers
2006, 05(4), 699-706

Research article, Young investigator
Dynamic Training Volume: A Construct of Both Time Under Tension and Volume Load
Quan T. Tran, David Docherty
2006, 05(4), 707-713

Book review
Amir Ali Narvani, Panagiotis Thomas and Burce Lynn
2006, 05(4), 714

Book review
John Honeybourne
2006, 05(4), 715

Guest Reviewers, Volume 05, 2006
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