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June 2008 - Volume 07, Issue 2
Table of Contents
Research article
Coordination Between Ribs Motion and Thoracoabdominal Volumes in Swimmers During Respiratory Maneuvers
Karine J. Sarro, Amanda P. Silvatti, Ricardo M. L. Barros
2008, 07(2), 195-200

Research article
Predicting the Intra-Cyclic Variation of the Velocity of the Centre of Mass from Segmental Velocities in Butterfly Stroke: A Pilot Study
Tiago M. Barbosa, Ricardo J. Fernandes, Pedro Morouco, Joao P. Vilas-Boas
2008, 07(2), 201-209

Research article
Acute Effects of Self-Selected Regimen of Rapid Body Mass Loss in Combat Sports Athletes
Saima Timpmann, Vahur Ööpik, Mati Pääsuke, Luule Medijainen, Jaan Ereline
2008, 07(2), 210-217

Research article
Gender Differences and Biomechanics in the 3000M Steeplechase Water Jump
Ian Hunter, Bryan K. Lindsay, Kassi R. Andersen
2008, 07(2), 218-222

Research article
The Role of Shoulder Maximum External Rotation During Throwing for Elbow Injury Prevention in Baseball Players
Koji Miyashita, Yukio Urabe, Hirokazu Kobayashi, Kiyoshi Yokoe, Sentaro Koshida, Morio Kawamura, Kunio Ida
2008, 07(2), 223-228

Research article
Lung Diffusion Capacity can Predict Maximal Exercise in Apparently Healthy Heavy Smokers
Panagiota Tzani, Marina Aiello, Marco Colella, Alessia Verduri, Emilio Marangio, Dario Olivieri, Alfredo Chetta
2008, 07(2), 229-234

Research article
The Effects of Multiple Cold Water Immersions on Indices of Muscle Damage
Stuart Goodall, Glyn Howatson
2008, 07(2), 235-241

Research article
Myoelectric Alterations after Voluntary Induced High - and Low - Frequency Fatigue
Katja Tomazin, Nejc Sarabon, Vojko Strojnik
2008, 07(2), 242-248

Research article
Pedometer Accuracy During Stair Climbing and Bench Stepping Exercises
Makoto Ayabe, Junichiro Aoki, Kojiro Ishii, Kohsaku Takayama, Hiroaki Tanaka
2008, 07(2), 249-254

Research article
Self-Reported Dietary Intake Following Endurance, Resistance and Concurrent Endurance and Resistance Training
Brandon S. Shaw, Ina Shaw, Gregory A. Brown
2008, 07(2), 255-259

Research article
Relations of Self-Appraisal and Mood Changes with Voluntary Physical Activity Changes in African American Preadolescents in an After-School Care Intervention
James J. Annesi, Avery D. Faigenbaum, Wayne L. Westcott, Alice E. Smith
2008, 07(2), 260-268

Research article
Pre-Activity Modulation of Lower Extremity Muscles Within Different Types and Heights of Deep Jump
Vladimir Mrdakovic, Dusko B. Ilic, Nenad Jankovic, Zeljko Rajkovic, Djordje Stefanovic
2008, 07(2), 269-278

Research article
Lactate Kinetics After Intermittent and Continuous Exercise Training
Adnene Gharbi, Karim Chamari, Amjad Kallel, Saîd Ahmaidi, Zouhair Tabka, Zbidi Abdelkarim
2008, 07(2), 279-285

Research article
Intramuscular Temperature Differences Between the Mid-Point and Peripheral Effective Radiating Area With Ultrasound
Michale G. Miller, Janae R. Longoria, Christopher C. Cheatham, Robert J. Baker, Timothy J. Michael
2008, 07(2), 286-291

Case report
Soccer Related Sudden Deaths in Turkey
Çaglar Özdemir, Tolga Saka, Haşim Asil, Ibrahim Üzün, Mutlu Öner
2008, 07(2), 292-298

Case report
Force-Velocity, Impulse-Momentum Relationships: Implications for Efficacy of Purposefully Slow Resistance Training
Brian K. Schilling, Michael J. Falvo, Loren Z.F. Chiu
2008, 07(2), 299-304

Letter to editor
Non-Musculoskeletal Sports Medicine Learning in Family Medicine Residency Programs
Pasqualino Caputo, Michael T. Brannick, John Shelton
2008, 07(2), 305-306

Letter to editor
Marathon Despite Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis
Matthias Echternach, Kai Röcker, Susan Arndt, Daniel Schöβler, Bernhard Richter
2008, 07(2), 307-308

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