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June 2009 - Volume 08, Issue 2
Table of Contents
Review article
Movement Skill Assessment of Typically Developing Preschool Children: A Review of Seven Movement Skill Assessment Tools
Wouter Cools, Kristine De Martelaer, Christiane Samaey, Caroline Andries
2009, 08(2), 154-168

Review article
Reflecting on the Delivery of a Longitudinal Coping Intervention Amongst Junior National Netball Players
Tracey J. Devonport, Andrew M. Lane
2009, 08(2), 169-178

Review article
Physiological Assessment of Head-Out Aquatic Exercises in Healthy Subjects: A Qualitative Review
Tiago M. Barbosa, Daniel A. Marinho, Victor M. Reis, António J. Silva, José A. Bragada
2009, 08(2), 179-189

Research article
Effect of Energy Expenditure and Training Status on Leptin Response to Sub-Maximal Cycling
Anissa Bouassida, Jean-Claude Chatard, Karim Chamari, Monia Zaouali, Youssef Feki, Najoua Gharbi, Abdelkarim Zbidi, Zouhaïr Tabka
2009, 08(2), 190-196

Research article
Influence of Two Different Rest Interval Lengths in Resistance Training Sessions for Upper and Lower Body
Gilmar Senna, Belmiro F. Salles, Jonato Prestes, Rafael A. Mello, Simão Roberto
2009, 08(2), 197-202

Research article
Variability of Coordination Parameters at 400-M Front Crawl Swimming Pace
Christophe Schnitzler, Ludovic Seifert, Didier Chollet
2009, 08(2), 203-210

Research article
Instrumentation and Motivations for Organised Cycling: The Development of the Cyclist Motivation Instrument (CMI)
Trent D. Brown, Justen P. O’Connor, Anastasios N. Barkatsas
2009, 08(2), 211-218

Research article
Effects of Acute Moderate and Strenuous Exercise Bouts on IL-17 Production and Inflammatory Response in Trained Rats
Halil Duzova, Yunus Karakoc, Memet Hanifi Emre, Zumrut Yilmaz Dogan, Evren Kilinc
2009, 08(2), 219-224

Research article
Validity of a Dietary Calcium Questionnaire Modified to Include Supplement Use in Athletes
Morgan B. Henry, Hawley C. Almstedt
2009, 08(2), 225-229

Research article
The Effects of Approach Angle on Penalty Kicking Accuracy and Kick Kinematics with Recreational Soccer Players
Joanna Scurr, Ben Hall
2009, 08(2), 230-234

Research article
Kinematic Analyses of the Golf Swing Hub Path and its Role in Golfer/Club Kinetic Transfers
Steven M. Nesbit, Ryan McGINNIS
2009, 08(2), 235-246

Research article
Arthrometric Evaluation of Stabilizing Effect of Knee Functional Bracing at Different Flexion Angles
Saeedeh Seyed Mohseni, Farzam Moss, Hossein Karimi, Mohammad Kamali
2009, 08(2), 247-251

Research article
Initial Metabolic State and Exercise-Induced Endotoxaemia Are Unrelated to Gastrointestinal Symptoms During Exercise
José Moncada-Jimènez, Eric P. Plaisance, Michael L. Mestek, Felipe Araya-Ramirez, Lance Ratcliff, James K. Taylor, Peter W. Grandjean, Luis F. Aragonvargas
2009, 08(2), 252-258

Research article
Differences in Ball Sports Athletes Speed Discrimination Skills Before and After Exercise Induced Fatigue
Kaivo Thomson, Anthony P. Watt, Jarmo Liukkonen
2009, 08(2), 259-264

Research article
Gender Specific Strategies in Demanding Hopping Conditions
İlkşan Demirbüken, Saadet Ufuk Yurdalan, Hans Savelberg, Kenneth Meijer
2009, 08(2), 265-270

Research article
A Common Variation in the Promoter Region of Interleukin-6 Gene Shows Association with Exercise Performance
Antti Huuskonen, Minna Tanskanen, Jani Lappalainen, Niku Oksala, Heikki Kyröläinen, Mustafa Atalay
2009, 08(2), 271-277

Research article
Game Related Statistics Discriminating Between Starters and Nonstarters Players in Women’S National Basketball Association League (WNBA)
Miguel-Ángel Gòmez, Alberto Lorenzo, Enrique Ortega, Jaime Sampaio, Sergio-José Ibàñez
2009, 08(2), 278-283

Research article
Isometric Gluteus Medius Muscle Torque and Frontal Plane Pelvic Motion During Running
Evie N. Burnet, Peter E. Pidcoe
2009, 08(2), 284-288

Research article
Validity of the Emotional Intelligence Scale for Use in Sport
Andrew M. Lane, Barbara B. Meyer, Tracey J. Devonport, Kevin A. Davies, Richard Thelwell, Gobinder S. Gill, Caren D. P. Diehl, Mat Wilson, Neil Weston
2009, 08(2), 289-295

Research article
Hip Rotational Velocities During the Full Golf Swing
Heather Gulgin, Charles Armstrong, Phillip Gribble
2009, 08(2), 296-299

Case report
A Physiological Case Study of a Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Player: Reflective Practise
Nicholas J. Diaper, Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey
2009, 08(2), 300-307

Case report
Stress Fracture of the First Rib in a High School Weight Lifter
Hiroyuki Fujioka, Takeshi Kokubu, Takeshi Makino, Issei Nagura, Narikazu Toyokawa, Atsuyuki Inui, Ryosuke Sakata, Masahiro Kurosaka
2009, 08(2), 308-310

Book review
Sean C. Sweetman
2009, 08(2), 311

Book review
Kern Singh, MD.; series editor: Bernard R. Bach, Jr.
2009, 08(2), 312

Book review
Brian J. Cole and Andreas H. Gmoll.
2009, 08(2), 313

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