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March 2010 - Volume 09, Issue 1
Table of Contents
Research article
Influence of Exercise Order on Maximum Strength and Muscle Thickness in Untrained Men
Roberto Simão, Juliano Spineti, Belmiro F. de Salles, Liliam F. Oliveira, Thiago Matta, Fabricio Miranda, Humberto Miranda, Pablo B. Costa
2010, 09(1), 1-7

Research article
Prediction of Sport Adherence Through the Influence of Autonomy-Supportive Coaching Among Spanish Adolescent Athletes
Bartolomé J. Almagro, Pedro Sáenz-López, Juan A. Moreno
2010, 09(1), 8-14

Research article
Kinematic Description of Elite Vs. Low Level Players in Team-Handball Jump Throw
Herbert Wagner, Michael Buchecker, Serge P. von Duvillard, Erich Müller
2010, 09(1), 15-23

Research article
The Effects of Intermittent Exercise on Physiological Outcomes in an Obese Population: Continuous Versus Interval Walking
Leanne Campbell, Karen Wallman, Danny Green
2010, 09(1), 24-30

Research article
Relationship Between Training Status and Maximal Fat Oxidation Rate
Adriano E. Lima-Silva, Romulo C. M. Bertuzzi, Flavio O. Pires, Joao F. L. Gagliardi, Ronaldo V. Barros, John Hammond, Maria A. P. D. M. Kiss
2010, 09(1), 31-35

Research article
Stability of Patterns of Behavior in the Butterfly Technique of the Elite Swimmers
Hugo Louro, António J. Silva, Teresa Anguera, Daniel A. Marinho, Conceição Oliveira, Ana Conceição, Jorge Campaniço
2010, 09(1), 36-50

Research article
Rugby Game-Related Statistics that Discriminate Between Winning and Losing Teams in Irb and Super Twelve Close Games
Luis Vaz, Michele Van Rooyen, Jaime Sampaio
2010, 09(1), 51-55

Research article
The Influence of Ball Velocity and Court Illumination on Reaction Time for Tennis Volley
Jui-hung Tu, Yaw-feng Lin, Shu-chen Chin
2010, 09(1), 56-61

Research article
Coaches’ Perceptions of Competence and Acknowledgement of Training Needs Related to Professional Competences
Sofia Santos, Isabel Mesquita, Amândio GRAÇA, António Rosado
2010, 09(1), 62-70

Research article
Can 8-weeks of Training Affect Active Drag in Young Swimmers?
Daniel A. Marinho, Tiago M. Barbosa, Mário J. Costa, Catarina Figueiredo, Victor M. Reis, António J. Silva, Mário C. Marques
2010, 09(1), 71-78

Research article
Motivation and Performance in Physical Education: An Experimental Test
Juan A. Moreno, David González-Cutre, José Martín-Albo, Eduardo Cervelló
2010, 09(1), 79-85

Research article
Four Ball Best Ball 1
Geoff Pollard, Graham Pollard
2010, 09(1), 86-91

Research article
A Comparison of Wakeboard-, Water Skiing-, and Tubing-Related Injuries in The United States, 2000-2007
John I. Baker, Russell Griffin, Paul F. Brauneis, Loring W. Rue, Gerald McGwin
2010, 09(1), 92-97

Research article
Heart Rate and Motion Analysis by GPS in Beach Soccer
Julen Castellano, David Casamichana
2010, 09(1), 98-103

Research article
Muscle Fibre Type Composition and Body Composition in Hammer Throwers
Gerasimos Terzis, Konstantinos Spengos, Stavros Kavouras, Panagiota Manta, Giorgos Georgiadis
2010, 09(1), 104-109

Research article
A Comparison Between Ventilation and Heart Rate as Indicator of Oxygen Uptake During Different Intensities of Exercise
Steven Gastinger, Anthony Sorel, Guillaume Nicolas, Arlette Gratas-Delamarche, Jacques Prioux
2010, 09(1), 110-118

Research article
The Effect of Chinese Yuanji-Dance on Dynamic Balance and the Associated Attentional Demands in Elderly Adults
Wen-Lan Wu, Ta-Sen Wei, Shen-Kai Chen, Jyh-Jong Chang, Lan-Yuen Guo, Hwai-Ting Lin
2010, 09(1), 119-126

Research article
Trunk Rotation and Weight Transfer Patterns between Skilled and Low Skilled Golfers
Isao Okuda, Phillip Gribble, Charles Armstrong
2010, 09(1), 127-133

Research article
Potential for Non-Contact ACL Injury Between Step-Close-Jump and Hop-Jump Tasks
Li-I Wang, Chin-Yi Gu, Wei-Ling Chen, Mu-San Chang
2010, 09(1), 134-139

Research article
The Influence of Velocity Overshoot Movement Artifact on Isokinetic Knee Extension Tests
Fabiano Peruzzo Schwartz, Martim Bottaro, Rodrigo Souza Celes, Lee E. Brown, Francisco Assis de Oliveira Nascimento
2010, 09(1), 140-146

Research article
Ground Reaction Force Differences Between Running Shoes, Racing Flats, and Distance Spikes in Runners.
Suzanna Logan, Ian Hunter, J.T. J. Ty Hopkins, J. Brent Feland, Allen C. Parcell
2010, 09(1), 147-153

Research article
Comparison of Plantar Pressure Distribution between Different Speed and Incline During Treadmill Jogging
I-Ju Ho, Yi-You Hou, Chich-Haung Yang, Wen-Lan Wu, Sheng-Kai Chen, Lan-Yuen Guo
2010, 09(1), 154-160

Book review
Michael P. Reiman and Robert C. Manske
2010, 09(1), 161

Book review
PA Salmon, NA Stanton, AC Gibbon, DP Jenkins and GH Walker
2010, 09(1), 162

Book review
Bryan T. Kelly, Marc J. Phippon - James R. Andrews; Tal S. David
2010, 09(1), 163

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