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September 2010 - Volume 09, Issue 3
Table of Contents
Review article
The Role of Post-Exercise Nutrient Administration on Muscle Protein Synthesis and Glycogen Synthesis
Chris Poole, Colin Wilborn, Lem Taylor, Chad Kerksick
2010, 09(3), 354-363

Research article
Lower Limb Strength in Professional Soccer Players: Profile, Asymmetry, and Training Age
Konstantinos Fousekis, Elias Tsepis, George Vagenas
2010, 09(3), 364-373

Research article
Perceived Barriers by University Students in the Practice of Physical Activities
Manuel Gómez-López, Antonio Granero Gallegos, Antonio Baena Extremera
2010, 09(3), 374-381

Research article
Consistency in Acceleration Patterns of Football Players with Different Skill Levels
Pinar Arpinar-Avsar, Abdullah Ruhi Soylu
2010, 09(3), 382-387

Research article
Emotional Intelligence and Emotions Associated with Optimal and Dysfunctional Athletic Performance
Andrew M. Lane, Tracey J. Devonport, Istvan Soos, Istvan Karsai, Eva Leibinger, Pal Hamar
2010, 09(3), 388-392

Research article
The Efficiency of Tennis Doubles Scoring Systems
Geoff Pollard, Graham Pollard
2010, 09(3), 393-397

Research article
Physiological, Biomechanical and Anthropometrical Predictors of Sprint Swimming Performance in Adolescent Swimmers
Evelin Lätt, Jaak Jürimäe, Jarek Mäestu, Priit Purge, Raul Rämson, Kaja Haljaste, Kari L. Keskinen, Ferran A. Rodriguez, Toivo Jürimäe
2010, 09(3), 398-404

Research article
Association of Cardiorespiratory Fitness with Elevated Hepatic Enzyme and Liver Fat in Japanese Patients with Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Mayumi Nagano, Haruka Sasaki, Shuzo Kumagai
2010, 09(3), 405-410

Research article
Tracking the Performance of World-Ranked Swimmers
Mário J. Costa, Daniel A. Marinho, Victor M. Reis, António J. Silva, Mário C. Marques, José A. Bragada, Tiago M. Barbosa
2010, 09(3), 411-417

Research article
Concussion Occurrence and Knowledge in Italian Football (Soccer)
Steven P. Broglio, Roberto Vagnozzi, Matthew Sabin, Stefano Signoretti, Barbara Tavazzi, Giuseppe Lazzarino
2010, 09(3), 418-430

Research article
Sensitivity of Body Sway Parameters During Quiet Standing to Manipulation of Support Surface Size
Sarabon Nejc, Rosker Jernej, Stefan Loefler, Helmut Kern
2010, 09(3), 431-438

Research article
Longitudinal Study in 3,000 m Male Runners: Relationship between Performance and Selected Physiological Parameters
José A. Bragada, Paulo J. Santos, José A. Maia, Paulo J. Colaço, Vítor P. Lopes, Tiago M. Barbosa
2010, 09(3), 439-444

Research article
Modification of Agility Running Technique in Reaction to a Defender in Rugby Union
Keane W. Wheeler, Mark G.L. Sayers
2010, 09(3), 445-451

Research article
Effects of Low-Intensity Cycle Training with Restricted Leg Blood Flow on Thigh Muscle Volume and VO2MAX in Young Men
Takashi Abe, Satoshi Fujita, Toshiaki Nakajima, Mikako Sakamaki, Hayao Ozaki, Riki Ogasawara, Masato Sugaya, Maiko Kudo, Miwa Kurano, Tomohiro Yasuda, Yoshiaki Sato, Hiroshi Ohshima, Chiaki Mukai, Naokata Ishii
2010, 09(3), 452-458

Research article
Validity of a Commercial Linear Encoder to Estimate Bench Press 1 RM from the Force-Velocity Relationship
Laurent Bosquet, Jeremy Porta-Benache, Jérôme Blais
2010, 09(3), 459-463

Research article
Preexercise Urine Specific Gravity and Fluid Intake During One-Hour Running in a Thermoneutral Environment – A Randomized Cross-Over Study
Rafael P. Silva, Toby Mündel, Janaína L. Altoé, Mônica R. Saldanha, Fabrícia G. Ferreira, João C.B. Marins
2010, 09(3), 464-471

Research article
Alterations of Kinetic Characteristics in Step Up and Over Test in Patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficiency
Hsiu-Chen Lin, Horng-Chaung Hsu, Chia-Ming Chang, Pei-Wen Chiou, Tung-Wu Lu
2010, 09(3), 472-479

Research article
Portuguese Coaches’ Perceptions of and Preferences for Knowledge Sources Related to their Professional Background
Isabel Mesquita, Sofia Isidro, António Rosado
2010, 09(3), 480-489

Research article
Study of Day, Month and Season Pedometer-Determined Variability of Physical Activity of High School Pupils in The Czech Republic
Jana Pelclová, El Ansari Walid, Jana Vašícková
2010, 09(3), 490-498

Research article
Warming-Up Affects Performance and Lactate Distribution between Plasma and Red Blood Cells
Patrick Wahl, Christoph Zinner, Zengyuan Yue, Wilhelm Bloch, Joachim Mester
2010, 09(3), 499-507

Research article
Accuracy of the Polar S810i Heart Rate Monitor and the Sensewear Pro Armband to Estimate Energy Expenditure of Indoor Rowing Exercise in Overweight and Obese Individuals
Ali Erdogan, Cem Cetin, Hilmi Karatosun, Metin Lütfi Baydar
2010, 09(3), 508-516

Case report
Emotional and Cognitive Changes During and Post a Near Fatal Heart Attack and One-Year After: A Case Study
Andrew M. Lane, Richard Godfrey
2010, 09(3), 517-522

Letter to editor
Karate White Belt Finger
Filippo Spiezia, Nicola Maffulli
2010, 09(3), 523-523

Letter to editor
A Load-Velocity Relationship for Men and Women in Overhead Throwing Performance
Mário C. Marques, Daniel A. Marinho, Roland van den Tillaar
2010, 09(3), 524-526

Book review
Bernard R. Bach, Jr; Matthew T. Provencher
2010, 09(3), 527

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