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December 2010 - Volume 09, Issue 4
Table of Contents
Review article
The Social-Psychological Outcomes of Martial Arts Practise Among Youth: A Review
Jikkemien Vertonghen, Marc Theeboom
2010, 09(4), 528-537

Research article
Markers of Inflammation, Endothelial Activation and Autoimmunity in Adolescent Female Gymnasts
Eyad Alshammari, Shahida Shafi, Jaana Nurmi-Lawton, Dayangku Fatiha Pengiran Burut, Susan Lanham-New, Gordon Ferns
2010, 09(4), 538-546

Research article
Development of Body Composition, Hormone Profile, Physical Fitness, General Perceptual Motor Skills, Soccer Skills and On-The-Ball Performance in Soccer-Specific Laboratory Test Among Adolescent Soccer Players
Tomi Vänttinen, Minna Blomqvist, Keijo Häkkinen
2010, 09(4), 547-556

Research article
Effect of Exercise Intensity on Differentiated and Undifferentiated Ratings of Perceived Exertion During Cycle and Treadmill Exercise in Recreationally Active and Trained Women
Melinda R. Bolgar, Carol E. Baker, Fredric. L. Goss, Elizabeth Nagle, Robert J. Robertson
2010, 09(4), 557-563

Research article
The Influence of Weight Loss on Anaerobic Threshold in Obese Women
Agnieszka Zak-Golab, Barbara Zahorska-Markiewicz, Józef Langfort, Piotr Kocelak, Michal Holecki, Katarzyna Mizia-Stec, Magdalena Olszanecka-Glinianowicz, Jerzy Chudek
2010, 09(4), 564-571

Research article
The Relation Between Mild Leg-Length Inequality and Able-Bodied Gait Asymmetry
Matthew K. Seeley, Brian R. Umberger, Jody L. Clasey, Robert Shapiro
2010, 09(4), 572-579

Research article
Cardiorespiratory Characteristics and Cholesterol Responses to a Single Session of Heavy Leg Press Exercise
Zoe K. Pafili, Gregory C. Bogdanis, Maria Maridaki
2010, 09(4), 580-586

Research article
Foot and Lower Limb Diseases in Runners: Assessment of Risk Factors
Francesco Di Caprio, Roberto Buda, Massimiliano Mosca, Antonino Calabro’, Sandro Giannini
2010, 09(4), 587-596

Research article
Assessment of Movement Skill Performance in Preschool Children: Convergent Validity Between MOT 4-6 and M-ABC
Wouter Cools, Kristine De Martelaer, Bart Vandaele, Christiane Samaey, Caroline Andries
2010, 09(4), 597-604

Research article
The Effect of Achievement Goals on Moral Attitudes in Young Athletes
Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves, Manuel J Coelho e Silva, Jaume Cruz, Miquel Torregrosa, Sean Cumming
2010, 09(4), 605-611

Research article
Swimming Enhances Bone Mass Acquisition in Growing Female Rats
Joanne McVeigh, Steven Kingsley, David Gray, Lisa Carole Loram
2010, 09(4), 612-619

Research article
Determination of an Optimal Threshold Value for Muscle Activity Detection in EMG Analysis
Kerem Tuncay Özgünen, Umut Çelik, Sanlı Sadi Kurdak
2010, 09(4), 620-628

Research article
Regular Exercise Participation Mediates the Affective Response to Acute Bouts of Vigorous Exercise
Mats Å. Hallgren, Nathan D. Moss, Paul Gastin
2010, 09(4), 629-637

Research article
Reliability of a Contact and Non-Contact Simulated Team Game Circuit
Tarveen K.R. Singh, Kym J. Guelfi, Grant Landers, Brian Dawson, David Bishop
2010, 09(4), 638-642

Research article
Key Factors and Timing Patterns in the Tennis Forehand of Different Skill Levels
Johannes Landlinger, Stefan Lindinger, Thomas Stöggl, Herbert Wagner, Erich Müller
2010, 09(4), 643-651

Research article
Monitoring of Lower Limb Comfort and Injury in Elite Football
Michael Kinchington, Kevin Ball, Geraldine Naughton
2010, 09(4), 652-663

Research article
Game Related Statistics Which Discriminate Between Winning and Losing Under-16 Male Basketball Games
Alberto Lorenzo, Miguel Ángel Gómez, Enrique Ortega, Sergio José Ibáñez, Jaime Sampaio
2010, 09(4), 664-668

Research article
Mechanisms of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Sports Activities: A Twenty-Year Clinical Research of 1,700 Athletes
Hirokazu Kobayashi, Tomonao Kanamura, Sentaro Koshida, Koji Miyashita, Tsuruo Okado, Takuya Shimizu, Kiyoshi Yokoe
2010, 09(4), 669-675

Book review
Barney F. LeVeau
2010, 09(4), 676

Guest Reviewers, Volume 09, 2010
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